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Eating Pacu


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I've eaten pacu numerous times. Most any recipe that might be used for tilapia, barramundi or similar light fleshed fish is suitable. If your fish is around the one kg mark then grilling or broiling the whole fish would be fine.

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Wow what can I say but thanks for the terrific link. I have had them BBQ Thai style and filleted and boiled so far but will try some of these. Once they get bigger the rib recipes may be worth a try too.

Plenty of bones while stll so small.

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Plenty of recipees already posted by other members so I will help you with the second part of your question:

  1. Place the prepared pacu on a dinner plate
  2. Place the plate on a table that is set with a knife and fork
  3. Sit at the table facing the plate
  4. Grab the fork with your right hand
  5. Use the fork to separate a bite sized piece of flesh from the fish
  6. Skewer the seperated piece with the fork
  7. Open your mouth
  8. Use the fork to put the piece in your mouth
  9. Chew
  10. Swallow
  11. Repeat steps 1-10 above until pacu finished or no longer hungry
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The last couple times fishing I have caught nice 2 lb. Pacu , I filleted them and seasoned with salt,pepper and lime juice and fried skin down for 3 min , the flesh down 3 min , then placed on a tray and placed in a 375 degree oven for 5 in , basted with bar-b-que and liquid smoke, served with Baked Pot and salad , and it was to kill for , them meat is sweet , no strong smell and all white meat , and the ribs are out of this world , if you haven't tried it do , has now become my fried fish of choice. Going back fishing tomorrow and hope to hook up with a few more and Ciejay made Thai tum yum and loved it .   


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