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How to Embed a YouTube Video

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Due to some changes at YouTube and members sometimes having problems embedding YouTube videos I decided to start an updated how-to on it.

What not to do:

1. Do not use the links marked in Red to try and add video. The Link option will only create a hot link to YouTube and will not embed the video.


2. Do not use the YouTube Share feature as they have changed it to a URL shortener similar to tinyurl which expands at YouTube to the actual URL.

post-566-0-42157700-1432626245_thumb.jpg Or post-566-0-16084100-1432626239_thumb.jpg

3. Do not copy and paste the YouTube URL directly into the post. It may work sometimes but not always. The method using the BBCode feature has worked reliably for me 100% of the time. Also make sure it shows https in front and not just http. That has shown up as a problem occasionally.

How to:

1. Select the BBCode option at the top of the reply box, scroll down to Media and select it.



Paste the YouTube URL that is in the address bar at YouTube into the available box. Note: Only use the URL up to the & as some links will have additional text after the actual URL.



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