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Recommended Thai Language School for intermediate level?


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Hi, I'm looking to continue studying Thai again after a couple of years break. I've had 4 years worth of Thai language courses already so I would need something that is more towards intermediate/advanced level, and a part time course including an education visa.

Does anyone know of a decent school that offers something like this in Bangkok (I live near the Ekamai BTS if that helps to narrow something down)? I've never studied in BKK before as I lived in Chiangmai when first learning Thai, so I've no real idea of the best language schools here.

Thanks for your help!

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I suggest that you visit Schools in your area first. Most of them give free lessons. Get the free lessons and see for yourself which one will work for you. It really depends on which teaching strategy works for you. I've personally find Duke language school to be effective for me. But they're near Nana station. Here's the website if you're interested.

http://dukelanguage.com/ Good Luck!

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Hi ha55ha,

I'm in a similar situation, but my post got no traction :(

Here's what I've found out so far, hopefully it'll help: All are near the MRT/BTS, so easy to travel to!

"Premium" schools:

Language express: School looks great, good reputation, but quite expensive. I'm looking at private lessons and it's over 1K per hour!

Modulo language school: Convenient for me, as they have branches near both my office downtown (Chit Lom) and near my condo in Huai-Khwang. Still a little pricey, but not that bad. Met a teacher for a demo lesson; she's great! Thinking about this one.

Regular schools: NISA was recommended from another forum; I'll have a demo lesson tomorrow. They have a nice reputation, apparently, and have been in business a while, Service wasn't so great over the phone, but I care more about the teachers :)

My Thai Language School: Near my place, too, in Huai-Khwang. Looks ok, affordable. They specialize in groups, though, which is not what I'm looking for. There seems to be heavy focus on listening...I'd rather do more speaking.

ED visa mills:

Walen: From what I've seen there, people just go there to get ED visas... I was explained the procedure before being told anything about their curriculum or teachers! I already have a non-B visa. Didn't seem very professional.

Hope this helps!

Of course, there are many schools in BKK, so shop around and please let me know what you've discovered! :)

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