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Krabi school 'bus' spews students all over road like cabbages (video)


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Many Thai drivers would rather have an accident than be defeated (i.e let someone else go, slow down, not be first to turn etc. etc.)

They seem to take this kind of thing as a defeat and lose of face for giving in to another driver.

I experienced this when I accidentally went through a red light. The guy coming towards me was flashing his lights and beeping his horn to try to tell me that I had run a red light. But he wouldn't slow down or change his course. His attitude seemed to be, "You ran the red light, you are in the wrong, and I will happily have a head-on collision with you, rather than try to avoid you."

Anyway, once I noticed my mistake I slammed the brakes on to avoid collision.

Thais are the most stubborn nation I have ever come across.

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Also, it is likely that one of them (if not both of them) flashed their lights to alert the other that they would be going first and the other driver didn't take notice.

Off-topic, but funny:

My GF just asked me, "Is this in Thailand?"

I respond, "Yes."

She replies, "Think so..have many coconut trees."

It's the small things in life.

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Ok, he was going at a very sensible speed for the road and was able to brake and avoid the collision safely, oooooops maybe not !!!

The idiot turning into the school was at fault, nobody else regardless of he did not stop in time, he was not expecting an idiot to turn into that school

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the black pickup blocked his view, that is the most likely explanation. if the schoolbus waited in the middle of the street, until he could see clearly, chances are, someone crashes into them from behind, an even bigger risk, if you know thailand.

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