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Poipet-Aranyaprathet border closing time now 10 pm?


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I read somewhere that the Aranyaprathet-Poipet border is now open until 10 pm. Is this true?

Is the closing time same on weekends or different?

Is the Poipet Immigration office that sells the Cambodia Visa on Arrival stickers also open until 10 pm? Can you arrive at 9:30 pm without a visa and buy the visa, then enter Cambo before 10pm?

I just want to know if I can take the train from Bkk to Aranyaprathet on the last day of my Thailand visa, arriving at night, and be sure of getting a visa and entering Cambo same night, even if the train runs late. Thanks for any info.

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Yes. At least 2 Cambodian border crossings now open between 6am and 10pm, since early 2014. This is one of them, the other one is Trat/Koh Kong. There may be others too but I'm not sure what their opening hours are. You can arrive at 9.45pm and still get the visa on arrival.

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