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Thai ice cream company apologizes for celebrating US gay marriage with 'offensive' joke


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Thai Ice Cream Company Apologizes for Celebrating US Gay Marriage With 'Offensive' Joke

By Khaosod English


BANGKOK — A ice cream company in Thailand has apologized for referencing a derogatory term for anal sex in a Facebook post intended to celebrate the US Supreme Court's landmark ruling to strike down all bans on same-sex marriage.

Over the weekend, Wall's Thailand, a subsidiary of the international ice cream brand Wall's, posted a photo of black bean flavored ice cream with the caption: "Wall's supports all form of love. #lovewins."

Many commentators on social media in Thailand were offended by post, as "black bean" is slang for anal sex in Thai, and often used to demean gay men.

According to an article published by Naewna newspaper in 2007, the term originated around 70 years ago when a man named black bean (tua dam in Thai) was arrested in 1935 for allegedly having anal sex with underage boys in Bangkok.

Several hours after a stream of furious comments began to surface on its Facebook page, Wall's Thailand removed the photo and replaced it with a new post featuring a rainbow colored popsicle.

However, commentators continued to demand an apology, leading the company to post a formal statement on their Facebook page yesterday morning.

Full story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1435566747

-- Khaosod English 2015-06-29

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I learn something new every day in Thailand. I will mention black beans in Thai to my lovely wife and watch her face! giggle.gif

My wife just broke out laughing.clap2.gifcheesy.gif

Mine too,, cheesy.gif

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Australia has an ice cream called the GayTime (and the Golden Gay Time). Straight people can eat them as well.

If you have too many of these Gay Times.. you will get carpet burn...

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