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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 04:01
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A good friend Ken

- David Kenneth Hill - originally from Northern Irland, migrated to New Zealand many years ago and made Thailand and Chiang Mai his home over the last 20 years has passed away yesterday 10/10/2018 at 10.30 AM at Doi Saket hospital. Ken was 78 years old.


He died from complications of lung cancer which was discovered only 3-4 years ago - too late to do much about it.


The funeral rites are being held since yesterday at Wat Prah Chao Mengrai in the old city for the next 3 days followed by his cremation


- but date depending on if his family abroad can be found and informed by the Embassy.


RIP Ken - you will be missed.



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I read that Graeham Monaghan of cricket sizes fame and other cricket interests in Chiang Mai passed away. A true gentleman and sure to be missed. 

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1 hour ago, Lonarterfes said:

Martin West

Ulysses G. said:
Who was the pleasant fellow who passed on who used to run Dominos with his brother who is in Malaysia now?

Bloody hel_l UG, that was Martin West and he was a very good friend. I feel ashamed that I forgot him.

David, his brother is in China these days.

Edited September 18, 2006 by Blinky Bill


Long gone, and his brother David lives in Vientienne

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Does anyone know if that quiet  biker dude with long grey beard passed?


He ate nightly at the chiang mai gate food market, did a lot of walking around there for years. Usually by himself, quiet tough looking dude.

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