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A good friend Ken

- David Kenneth Hill - originally from Northern Irland, migrated to New Zealand many years ago and made Thailand and Chiang Mai his home over the last 20 years has passed away yesterday 10/10/2018 at 10.30 AM at Doi Saket hospital. Ken was 78 years old.


He died from complications of lung cancer which was discovered only 3-4 years ago - too late to do much about it.


The funeral rites are being held since yesterday at Wat Prah Chao Mengrai in the old city for the next 3 days followed by his cremation


- but date depending on if his family abroad can be found and informed by the Embassy.


RIP Ken - you will be missed.



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I read that Graeham Monaghan of cricket sizes fame and other cricket interests in Chiang Mai passed away. A true gentleman and sure to be missed. 

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1 hour ago, Lonarterfes said:

Martin West

Ulysses G. said:
Who was the pleasant fellow who passed on who used to run Dominos with his brother who is in Malaysia now?

Bloody hel_l UG, that was Martin West and he was a very good friend. I feel ashamed that I forgot him.

David, his brother is in China these days.

Edited September 18, 2006 by Blinky Bill


Long gone, and his brother David lives in Vientienne

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Does anyone know if that quiet  biker dude with long grey beard passed?


He ate nightly at the chiang mai gate food market, did a lot of walking around there for years. Usually by himself, quiet tough looking dude.

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Posted (edited)

My good friend and colleague, Dr. Geoffrey Pope, professor of paleoanthropology at William Paterson University in New Jersey, U.S.A. passed away in February, 2019.  Geoff spent many years working in Northern Thailand, which he loved, especially the area around Chiang Mai.  Geoff was world renowned in his field, and had spent many seasons in China and Thailand.  He is survived by his wife, Noi, and his step daughter, Jai, both currently living in the U.S.


Geoff introduced me to Thailand and to Chiang Mai, where he generally stayed at the Galare Guest house, whose founder and family he had known for many years.  He first brought me to the Writers Club, where we used to hang out, and he was a friend of Geoff Walton, now also sadly passed on to the next thing, whatever it may be. 


Geoff loved Chiang Mai, its history, its people, and its many colorful characters.  He had been ill in recent years, and unable to travel.  It is my understanding that his ashes will be brought to Thailand later this year, so that his final visit might be permanent.


While I assume that, by this time, Geoff may in fact have joined many of those he knew and cared about, I will post any future information I may receive regarding any celebration of his life that may take place during the summer. 


Thank you,


John Perry

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Sad news. I ran into him and spent a couple of late mornings talking with, at AUA library of all places. That was was well over a decade ago.

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Sad to hear that, unfortunately never got to meet him. Although did meet his wife a few times.

Quite a few years ago had to look up his name, as when I went back to the UK and mentioned Chiang Mai, got a couple of people asking me if I knew "Major Roy Hudson". This was a constant source of confusion, as my parents had a very close friend (in UK), called "Roy Hudson". Not only that, he was also "Major Roy Hudson". Caused a few very confusing conversations !!

By any chance, did the Chiang Mai Roy Hudson come from Suffolk UK?

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On 3/20/2019 at 4:41 PM, jonwilly said:

I would like to bring to the attention of fellow CM folk that Roy Hudson passed away yesterday Tuesday 12th at approximately 17.00.

His son Eric was in attendance having driven up from Bangkok to be at his fathers side.

Roy was aged 99 and had lived in CM since 1960.

He had spent his last 3 years in the Care Home in Mai Rim, following the death of his wife.


I usually visited Roy once a week and can only praise the Care he received from the nursing staff, most if not all of the young ladies being Northern Thai people.

Roy's health was reasonable until one year ago when he contracted a lung infection. He never fully recovered in my opinion, having been in the RAM ICU and then normal ward before returning to his bungalow at  Susuwan Care home Chiang Mai.

He will be greatly missed by his son Eric and daughter Amanda who is flying in and due to arrive today Wednesday. 

Roy was regarded by all who knew him as the Senior Brit, a wise and understanding Father figure.

I enclose a memoir of Roy Written in January 2007 concerning Roy's duties during WW II.



Good Bye Old Warrior

It was a Honour to know you.

I learned much about Life and People from you.




Sad news. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Roy was a good friend. RIP

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What a touching story. I’m considering a move there from NYC . Retirement soon. Reminds me of something. Every winter I used to get lung infections pretty regularly and for weeks. Then my MD gave me the one-time Prevnar 13 injection. For the past four years no infections. Just saying. For anyone over 50 please consider it.

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A post has been removed, please see the following, Thank you:


19) You will not post missing or looking for person or information about any person, except with the explicit approval of admin by contacting support https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/contact 

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On 9/18/2006 at 2:24 PM, Blinky Bill said:

How far back can we go?


Andy the Scot

J. B. Gross


Roger Morton

Allister the Scot

Jack Wall

Rick Cherry [ Dr. Lic ]

Crickett ........ way before her time

Chuck Hatherly

Old Ed Dodson

Ken Owens

Maurice Moreau

Chris C. (The Pub)

John Link

Horst Fruchtenicht

Bernard Webb

Barry Crago

Nick (Smiling Monkey)

Swiss Romeo

American Keith (Shot by his brother in law)

One armed John

Spotlight Bob

Ronnie (Scottish Andy's drinkin mate)

Eddy Sauerbaun (Joe's brother)

Old Dick Wood (What a character, ex expeditionary forces in Burma)

Too many..........................


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Posted (edited)
16 hours ago, scottiejohn said:

Which Max and when?

I would presume that he is referring to ex Black Cat...ex Moon Garden...ex Moon River Marina Max

Edited by Maejo Man

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