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On 10/16/2020 at 12:44 PM, richabb1 said:

Read that Maurice Bromley passed on during the week in the Philippines. Top guy. 

Sad news and he can't have been very old. He and his wife were also very active in the Cricket Sixes at one time. Looks like it has been a bad year for cricketers.

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David (aka Dave2) will be missed very much. Such a modest, goodhearted guy. Always caring for the cats in the neigbourhood. RIP.

I would like to add Northern John to this thread, so he can be remembered. Early on we used to have a go at each other, but after we started sending each other personal messages, the tide turned and

Many people in Chiang Mai and elsewhere in Thailand knew Andrew Bond. Sadly he was electrocuted at home in Chiang Mai on Saturday whilst fixing some ceiling wiring. You can find more details about And

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Some of you would have known Phil Williams [UK]. Well there were actually 2x Phil Williams both from the UK. Phil1= owned Mango Fishing & he often added to the CM forum. He suffered a bout of cancer in the Uk but came back to ChiangMai to be with Dtoy his partner. Sad to say he often carried 3 pkts of cigs wherever he went? & for some time had a small Coffee shop with Dtoy just past Loi Kroh Rd.

        The other Phil Williams  being No2 once owned the Pirate Cove after the original ex GI owner headed back State side--[ the Pirate mascot Macaw parrot is still alive in Thaton as at writing- 2020 ]. Phil2 on-sold the Pirate Cove & spent a lot of time in the Philippines but got ill and died back in the UK. Both good chaps & sad --- may they RIP.  Well thats a little to add since I haven't been around for a few years but still alive & kicking & still get back to ChiangMai..........but certainly miss those 20-30 years back..........as its not the same anymore---those were the best days in CM????                                                                                                                                         

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John Shenk cremation was today.  John lived in Bangkok and Mae Rim and worked overseas.  He was an American engineer from Kansas whose home was Thailand for over 50 years.  Intelligent kind man much appreciated.

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