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BOI "software development" company for sale

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Hi guys,

I am selling my BOI company - business code "Software development". It has 3 years left on the BOI card, with a possible 8 more years.

I have recently moved to Laos with my family, and I therefore have no need for a company in Thailand. It has been dormant for 3 years, and is just sitting there for somebody to take over.

Asking price is 80.000 baht. It might seem cheap, but this is the total cost I payed to get the company and card from BOI all together 5 years ago - and now I just want to get rid of it.. I ask that buyer pay all transfer fees as well.

So there you have it. Save 6 months of time, messing about with lawyors and administrative facilities in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, and avoid paying loads of money.

Pm me for contact details

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