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Chile pepper "bible" -- everything you wanted to know about chile "peppers"

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Not really peppers!


Hot foods are getting hotter. And it’s not lessening up. Peppers are being bred to become violently hot. Even typically non-spicy foods have received the hot treatment, from Sriracha potato chips and beer to the Ghost Pepper fries at Wendy’s. There’s even a documentary about Sriracha now. In our spicy guide, we’re going to track the history of the chile pepper—the source of quality spice the world over—why it’s so darn hot, and how that little chile gave rise to the hottest hot sauces in the world.

Thai tie-in, it's rather ironic that the wildly popular "Sriracha" sauce from the USA (also known as Cock sauce) made with red jalapeno peppers and generally considered superior in flavor and much more versatile (can use on most anything, not just seafood) to Thai Sriracha sauce is NOT sold in Thailand!


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I believe this is what you are looking for if Thai spices are insufficient.

I've got this at home - I'm scared to open it.



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