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Let your food be your medicine

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After removing carbohydrates and sugars from my food i lost 10 kilo, feel better then ever.

Did it after i got a warning of the doctor that my glucose levels were a bit high.

Instead of waiting and continue eating what i did i studied everything i could get my hands (eyes) on.

The LCHF (low carbohydrate, high fat) seems to be the most logical one so i choose that.

So after a few months without rice, patatoes, pasta, bread, fruit which all are just sugars and replacing it with foods high in fat my energy levels are up but most importantly my blood has no trace of anything bad at all.

The struggle is buying products without sugar. All the yogurts, milk which should be without sugar are loaded with it. Sure the fat is out, but just replaced with sugar.

I really think this 0% fat and unknown amounts of sugar makes people fatter then ever. You THINK you eat healthy but you don't.

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Congratulations [emoji106]

If man made it or it comes in a box or bag possibly not eat ? Seems a little extreme but Khlong Toie has made much possible for me and getting juicer and blender has helped . I know little but share again this incredible market that has changed much for me .

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