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what is a good price for a thai language school in bkk?


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i live in thong lor and after being in thailand a year i reallllyy need to learn thai... could anyone shoot me what's considered a good price or even an average price for a language school in bkk?

theres a school not far from my home in thong lor that quoted me 27,000 baht for 3 months...classes are 3 days a week with 1 day consisting of 3 hours of class time..


im doing this also for the visa... after submitting all the required paperwork can i just stay in thailand 1 year without having to do visa runs?

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The school I am currently attending offers an ed visa and many students are using that scheme. Many of them are leaving Thailand and returning on Multi Tourist Visas due to the short Permitted to Stay of 30 to 60 days costing 1900 baht each extension. Additionally, they are being tested on their Thai ability by immigration at each extension application. The students on ed visas are required to attend 8 hours a week of classes.

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