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Z-Wave Frequency for Thailand


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No designated frequency as yet.

I recommend using the 868 European frequency, which is also the standard in Singapore. This way, your modules will be capable of the Thailand 220/50 current. Any modules for the us 908 frequency will be designed for 110/60 and fry when you plug them in here.

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I prefer the Zwave over Zigbee. There seems to be a bigger selection of stuff available for it, and the lower operating frequency has better range and "penetration" of walls, etc.

WiFi and Bluetooth are only accessible "locally" - items in the short radius of Bluetooth or on the home WiFi network. With the right controller set up and connected to an internet connection, Zwave and Zigbee can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

I really like the ability to turn on my aircons when leaving work, and arriving home to a cool condo.

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