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"Stray Bullets And Stray Dogs" At Sisaket's City Hall....


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Sabai Deee Boo?

Was anybody at the concert at the city hall two nights ago, when two " gangs" had an "open shootout", right at the concert at the city hall, where the military finally also fired some bullets?

Doesn't seem that somebody got killed and it seems that only one guy got injured with a huge machete, but not a big deal, right?

From what I've heard could the culprits "rush away from the scene before they could get caught."

Other people said that the stray dogs still do what they're always doing.

Glad that we didn't go there, as planned. Bullets usually don't see much. Time to buy a S&M? Well, you can't be safe on the roads and even at concerts you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Welcome to the Land of Smile. Just wondering if ASEAN will do any good.............thumbsup.gif

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Norbert was telling me there was a kids gang fight outside Pizza4U late in the evening after the shutters were down a few days ago. Some shooting involved.

Sleepy old Kantharalak. You know there's something wrong with gun control when the 14 year olds are toting.

Mind you in my early pre-wife days in Thailand I was told that "we must leave a wat fair/concert NOW" by then current poppet in an equally sleepy amphur town outside Nakhon Phanom. I insisted we stay a little bit longer - "it's only just silly kids". Got treated for lack of common sense to the sight of a dead body/blood pools of one of same lying in the middle of the back road she told me take out of the town half an hour later!

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