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Phuket bouncers filmed beating up foreign tourists


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I noticed a few minutes ago that the link at the front page of the Bangkok a Post does not work. Could it be blocked? Error message was "404 error : Page not found.

The requested URL /vdo/vdo_detail?id=723340&refer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bangkokpost.com%2F was not found on this server."

just curious.

Apparently not blocked, just an incorrect link.
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That's not so bad, try pulling stupid stunts in some Sydney bars or bars in New Zealand with the Maori bouncers and see how that pans out, needless to say, there is always a reason and these guys just possibly may not have been very polite.


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as usual

old drunkard farang men complaining about thais "ganging up" while its the same shit in the west. It's always gang beat downs. 1v1's are as comon in thailand as in the rest of the world.

And as usual, theres is a 90% chance the 2 guys did deserve a beat down, so lets not get on our high horses and complain that it was too violent.

And exactly what was was wrong with asking them to leave the bar or throwing them out if needed?

Of course not, but you can't use logic with the kind of people the bar scene of thailand attracts. They are loud and unable to control themselves also very often violent because they have trained muy thai to make up for their low self esteem.

For a large percentage of those loud mouths, the only way to calm down is being put into a coma. It's a sad truth. I dont get any joy out of this but kicking their ass is usually the only way for them to stop attacking everyone in sight when they get into one of their small wee-wee rage.

The thai guys went overboard but this is what happens when a loud, obnoxious farang that feels entitled to the world because he came in a poor country on his 2 weeks of vacation per year after working in a mental shop 10 hrs a day for the rest of the year starts going off like a mad man threatening everyone. Have seen it happen many times and i understand why the bouncers are having a hard time letting it go after the guys are down.

Just to play devil's advocate, did you see these particular set of guys in the aforementioned place and acting drunk and stupid? Reason I asked is that the Aussie Mark that was attacked by a mob of bouncers was accused by the bouncers of being drunk and threatening them................... before the truth came out that he hadn't been drinking and wasn't threatening them. For some reason all the bouncers in scuffles here always blame the "drunk farang" even if they aren't drunk as if it's an open license to hand out beatings with no repercussions.

You mean the guy "going home" that drove past a bar in the sin city of thailand with a knife on his person? My guess is that he'd been looking for an oportunity to kill a thai for a while and finaly got it. that speculation comes from him paying 44 000$.

Even if the guys in the video were wrongfully beaten(there isnt much of a chance that they didnt do anything bad) it does not change the fact that this kind of force is very often necessary.

Good people have more chances of winning the lottory than getting beaten up by a security guard.

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Someone should sponsor a Facebook page with catch words: Thailand, Travel and Tourism in the title which will come up in Internet search results the world over. Then have the content be pictures, videos and articles of all the carnage that takes place in the kingdom.

A nice project for someone to undertake.

There already is a page. It's called, "www.google.com"

A lot of nice things can be found there about "Thailand, Travel and Tourism." biggrin.png

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One would expect bouncers employed by an entertainment establishment to act professionally and use minimal force (if any), even when under provocation, to evict any unruly patrons.

Obviously this was not the case here, where the bouncers' lack of anger management skills and thug temperament got the better of them. Very unprofessional and should be sacked.

Who would expect that? Maybe someone who hasn't been inside or near a nightclub in 20+ years?

This happens the world over and most bouncers are <deleted> who need little provocation.

HA ! Bouncers kicking off ?

Try a fight between two girls in London for a proper fight then

The whole road closed and a near riot


You will get far worse than this in any town in the UK on a Friday or saturday night multiple times over

I have seen this many times over the years. Tourists that think they are back in their home towns and think they can give it the Big I Am. They are then reminded they are not back home when a bunch of little Thai's beats the crap out of them thumbsup.gif

Is that right?

Is the UK that bad?

I hope the EU citizens will one day have the opportunity to vote on the UK membership.

I know what I will vote - based on your post.

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Phuket night club fires bouncers after brutal beating of Aussie tourists
Phuket Gazette

PHUKET: -- Management from the White Room Night Club in Patong today denounced the violent actions of five of their bouncers in a confrontation with six Australian tourists last night.

A video of security guards brutally beating two of the Australian tourists was shared on Facebook and quickly went viral.

“We, the management of White Room Night Club, are shocked and upset by the violent incident. We strongly reject all forms of violence and we are currently reviewing the necessary measures to ensure nothing like this will ever happen again,” management wrote in a statement to the Phuket Gazette.

“Needless to add, the culprits of this despicable act have had their employment at White Room immediately terminated.”

Meanwhile, Patong Police are on the hunt for the six Australian men, who have yet to file a complaint with police.

Full story: http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Phuket-night-club-fires-bouncers-brutal-beating/62108?desktopversion

-- Phuket Gazette 2015-10-09

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5 on 1, hitting from the back, kicking the head when he was on the floor, in my homecountry this would be attempt to murder and 5 years jail.

But i still don't know what those guys did to be treated like this. It's very unprofessional from the bouncers anyway. Why not arrest them and call the police?

I won't go to Phuket!

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Thais are really shooting themselves in the foot, This gets back to Australia people will avoid Thailand and i dont blame them , Thais need to grow up.

I can assure you as I am one that no Aussie is going to dodge Thailand because a couple of blokes got toweled up by some bouncers outside a club. Happens the world over mate blokes are punching all over Oz when they are on the turps. In this case I heard (only hearsay) that it was originally 5 on 6 and one of the Aussie lads tried to king hit one of the bouncers which is what kicked it all off. Stop bashing Thailand don't hang around seedy areas with hooker's and drugs and copious amounts of piss anywhere in the world if you find a blue a bit hard to stomach.

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Why cant Thai guys ever fight one-on-one? - they always need a group of guys to beat up one victim. (and usually use a stick or pole or baseball bat or taser on top of their fists and feet). they always fight so brutal and animalistic without any care of getting caught (and what their punishment would be).

they have the same mentality as the American Police!

bcos there a pack animals

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