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I would like to talk about something that is very close to my heart...... [within inches] and that is food.

I know there are some Americans on board and also those who have eaten, what maybe is considered Southern [uS] cooking.

A couple dishes that I have missed til recently

Snappy, Crispy-Skinned Pork knuckle with mashed potatos, gravy, and sauerkraut.

Wood Smoked pork knuckle, with boiled cabbage, and mixed vegetables covered in garlic butter sauce. [Thank you Granny Galien, wherever you are, I will always remember you]

Garlic Seasoned, Wood Smoked Pork Knuckle, Potato Salad, Mixed Salad and corn on the cob.

Anybody got any comments... food wise ?

Its rough that as you get older you start thinking about lunch much earlier in the morning.

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Would this be "Soul Food"? :o

Possibly.... but maybe more like "Honkey Cross-Over"

Really just southern cookin..... and I am sure enjoyed by Black, Whites, and many shades in between.

Racism doan start til after ya'll finish eatin.


der be a time and a place for everything...

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Let me add, that this eating was done here in CM,..... good to remember the good old times

but back again in the South {US} you would have as a vegetable whats known as collard greens.

Actually known as water cress. Grows wild in the fields close to the ground and about around as a dinner plate. Snip on the one center root and put it in the tote sake....

better stop this as its starting to sound like a soul sonr R & B Poke Salad Annie


now dat ain't Italian.

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There is a restaurant called Sojos behind Pantip Plaza that has Southern foods and vegetables like collard greens and okra and hush puppies and fresh sourdough bisquits and so on.

Pretty good too. :o

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