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A problem again. It seems like they want a return ticket to issue a Tourist visa. This ticket costs more than I can afford.

Is that "return ticket" quote from the Thai consulate?

Each individual Thai consulate has some freedom to interpret the "rules" on issueing visas based on their experience and local condirions.

So requiring a return ticket sounds like a local interpretation of the rules.

The normal rulie is a "out of country ticket" meaning you must leave Thailand within 37 days after your no visa entry of 30 days and a possible 7 day extension request, That extension will cost you 1900 Thai baht at your local immigration office in Thailand.

"Out of country ticket" can mean a neighboring country, such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos....etc.

Most airlines will allow you to board on a one way ticket without a Thai visa if you have the following:

1. Ticket to tThailand.....AND

2. That "out of country" ticket booked to leave Thailand after your visa exempt entry you get on arrival ends.

So then you would have basically 30 days to find a Wat you like,

it's possible...but to be honest...I DON'T think you should do that...because you MAY not like monastic life...and using that route could leave you stuck in Thailand with no money and no chance of returning to Bulgaria. That will not be an enjoyable experience.

So you need to think carefully and clearly if you are really ready to commit the rest of your life as a monk in Thailand.

If you are..that's fine....but if you're NOT sure...take some time to consider it carefully first.

There are people on this topic who have come to Thailand and ordained as a monk...I myself have not.

Some of those have will hopefully answer you...and they can advise you on how to contact the institutions and people who CAN give you specific advice on exactly how to do it.


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i am 18 can i get visa???????

I don't know why you can't get a visa.. However, remember, to become a fully ordained monk, you must be 20. You can become a novice monk, but not sure what the rules on visa's are for novice monks.. maybe the same. Letter from the abbot and letter from the National Office of Buddhism.

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