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Chinese people walking in the middle of the street!


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Have you been to Pattaya??? Idiots from Europe....Russia...the US....Australia walk down Soi Buakao and many other Sois withiut regard to traffic. They would never do it in their own countries...but here its ok!

And when were YOU last there??? 1969??? Soi Bukhao HAS NO sidewalks along much of its length. Wherever sidewalks DO exist, pedestrians take to the street (paying PLENTY of attention to traffic - you're just bloviating) because they're too narrow, clogged by sidewalk vendors or gawkers stopping to, well, gawk..., flocks of Indians seeking a clue, gaggles of mindless phone-watchers, and all manner of obstacles & trip hazards. Oh, and let's not forget morons on motorbikes who think the sidewalks are their bypass highways.

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