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prices raise by 250 % in the language schools ?


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what happened recently in the language schools ?

last year I have paid 25000 B for one year, now they ask 70000 B for one year !

I guess it impact all the schools... what is the reason ? a special tax on the schools ?

Before it was :

25000 B school fees for one year + 1900 B of immigration fees every 3 months + 350 B of taxi and BTS to go and back Chaeng Wattana immigration = 34000 B per year or 2800 B per month (arround 70 euros a month)

Now it is :

70000 B school fees for one year + 1900 B of immigration fees every 2 months + 350 B of taxi and BTS to go and back Chaeng Wattana immigration = 83500 B per year or 7000 B per month (arround 175 euros a month)

so the cost raise by 250% !

to compare with the elite VIP visa it's less than 14000 B per month if I remember well, so now the students are like "VIP students only" ?

I understand that the country want to get higher standard tourists and expats, but in the same time now it's a lot of people who will not come to Thailand, and many people who spent money locally all the year who are lost,

so I don't get the point... maybe they do this to avoid illegal work, but howmany students work locally ? I guess less than 10%...

so economically I don't understand what they are doing, maybe there will be - 60% of students for only 10% of illegal work saved ?
even the students who worked illegaly they spent money locally, so the money mainly does not go out of the country

also thailand has the lowest unemployement rate in the world, so even if they have a bit of illegal work, it's not a big deal

so I don't understand how the country expect benefits from this... excepted maybe if there is a huge tax on every student ?

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The reason is Thai economics. Less students now so to make the same money charge what students you have more money. Some schools are having to close foreigners having problems about visa now. enrollment is way down.

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it should be pretty obvious. Now you have to study 8-10 hours a week instead of 2-4 hours in most cases. So the schools obviously have to charge very much more

yes you are right, before it was 180 hours for one year, now it's 200 hours for 6 months

something else I've forgotten in my first message : now they allow me to renew for only 6 months and not one year like before

I've thought to do a 6 months tourist visa to finish the year, but not sure it's possible...

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Very small change at the quality school that I go to. Yes, had to change from 3 hours a week to 8 hours a week. Knowing that this would be financial burden on the ED Visa students, they meet 4 days a week, and have 4 one hour classes. The second hour the students just enjoy conversing with each other, catching up on emails or whatever. This way if immigration shows up, they are in attendance for 2 hours of each of the 4 days. The school only charges them for 4 one hour classes per week.

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