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A Dog For A Basket, A Bucket For A Dog

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No it is not really sick if you eat meat.What is the difference?It is an animal.And believe it or not, it really is not that bad.Just tough if not cooked forever...............

Sorry mate, I have to disagree. Eating dog is like canibalism!

What about Lamb or Veal then...............or Bambi stew?

Yes Blue Eyes and Lampard, what´s the difference?? In Sweden the children have cute little guinea pigs as pets. But still they eat them as a delicacy in South America. Try to explain that to the children.........

Have you ever eaten those 'meat balls' in the local market? We lost a dog about 10 years ago and my wife assured me that he was now on those stalls and as tasty as any other meat, we go for pancake rolls now (bhoppia - excuse my phonetics!) rather than meat balls.

I know what you mean Thaibites, I've always been suspicious to those meat balls. I've had them in my soup in "hole-in-the-wall-restaurants". They feels like rubber balls. It's almost like chewing a eraser......hmm!! :o But my wife tells me it's OK. Thai people like that concistency! What's inside you can only guess.....! On the other hand I've heard that dog meat is considered a delicacy amongst certain people so I don't think they can afford to put the dogs in the common meat balls. It must be some other strange elastic animal parts they've found! :D And I'm sure we don't WANT to know. :D

.............I would not be suprised if that is where that photo was taken.........

The photo was taken of me myself up here in Isaan in the village outside our house near Nonsa-At (between Udon Thani and Khon Kaen).

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You never truly know what is in those meatballs.If the ones you eat are "beef" and they seem to chew like rubber then you are probably eating beef tendon meatballs.That is a mix of the meat and tendons from the cow and some spices thrown in.Thais do like them and me to that way.

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