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Krabi '@Thonglor' pub owner shot dead over broken glass dispute


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This just illustrates the danger in this country of stepping out of line,be it in a pub or on the road. My wife is quite paranoic ,with good cause,when we are on the road and get cut off or some guy is being an ars****** as she says he probably hasa machete or a gun under the front seat....... just move on to the next idiot.

Smart girl!

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Saw this footage on a Thai TV station yesterday. What shocked me was the cool and calm manner that the gunman just walked up behind the victim, put the gun slowly behind his head, fired and calmly walked away. Later, it made me think on a broader issue, and if there are professional sociologist reading this then can they clarify my thoughts. In a country like Thailand, where compulsory conscription takes place, the raw young guy who enters the armed service is trained to use a fire arm, does this same guy leave and return to civilian ways with not just with this new acquired skill, but with a mindset to accompany it as well?

Maybe some Vietnam vet may or may not have witnessed this change in their comrades mindset? Just trying to make sense/reason of maybe how maybe "conditioning" effects humans to react in, non reasonable situations. Thanks

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A 20 Baht glass, wow, that is big money,, what about the guy that got shot and killed, for 4 Baht worth of petrol a few years ago ...

I will never go drinking with a Thai guy, they just go completely crazy after a few drinks.

You hear every other week that some guy kills his best mate, after a few drinks and a disagreement !!!

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