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Thaivisa 2016/2559 Calendar Photo Contributions

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It's that time of year for starting the design of the 2016/2559 Thaivisa Calendar. Last five years calendars, 2010-2015 were a great success due to the excellent photo contributions from Thaivisa members.


  • Photo must have been taken within Thailand and must have been taken by the member posting the photo.
  • Landscape mode (wide). Portrait mode (tall) is possible if it can be cropped properly to fit the calendar's format. Also, portrait mode if you think it will make a suitable cover page. No panoramas please.
  • Minimum 1200 pixels wide, preferably 2048 as the calendar will be printable and need the resolutions to be high for good print quality. Link to higher resolution image if possible.
  • Important Note: Due to attached files auto-sized to only 800 wide, please supply a link to the image on a photo-sharing site such as Flickr.com or cloud storage such as Dropbox, not limited to just these two though.
  • Please use your best photos that you feel would fit and be appropriate for a published calendar.
  • By posting your images here you give Thaivisa permission to use them in the Calendar. Credit will be given through watermarks on the photos unless a member specifically wishes it not to be. So please do not use personal watermark on your images


  • If possible but not a requirement, please post the location and possible information about the photo. Many members were interested in that information and were asking about it.
  • Please, only 1 photo per post as it makes it very difficult to manage during the decision process. Try and limit to no more than 2-3 contributions.

This topic will be open until December 24, 2015 and the photos presented to the mod/Admin team for initial cuts in selecting the photos. If there are insufficient photos that are considered suitable for the calendar, either previous contributions will be recycled or free use photos from the Internet will be used.

Looking forward to seeing this years' contributions.

Note: - If you see a photo(s) that you really like please use the Like button for the poster. It will help with the decision process.

How to post images

Last years contribution topic

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Jumping drummers in Chiang Mai. Olympus E-M1, Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens.


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