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Walking Street & Khaosan Road believed to be targets of ISIS in Thailand


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Walking Street & Khaosan Road believed to be targets of ISIS in Thailand

File photo: Khaosan Road

BANGKOK: More information has come to light regarding an apparent ISIS plot to target Russian and other western tourists in Thailand.

The plot, which was revealed in a leaked memo obtained by Khaosod English, was marked as “Secret” and allegedly issued by the intelligence unit of the Royal Thai Police Special Branch.

The memo claims to cite information obtained by the Russia’s Federal Security Service or FSB.

A source from Thailand’s Tourist Police who spoke to Thaivisa.com on the condition of anonymity revealed how senior officers were told of possible plots to target foreign tourists in Thailand.

The source told Thaivisa that a briefing was held early on Thursday, prior to the leaking of a memo to the press.

During the briefing, officers were told of plots to target foreign tourists in Bangkok’s Khao San Road, as well as on Walking Street in Pattaya.

Senior officers were told how security will be increased at major locations across the country and that Immigration will be stepping up the screening of foreigners at all border checkpoints, something which has been officially announced earlier this afternoon.

On Friday police were urging members of the public to remain calm over the alleged terrorist threat.

Metropolitan police commissioner Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahatavorn said on Friday it was still unclear if the leaked memo was genuine and said that a forged document of this kind could have been made public in order to try and incite public disorder and harm the Thai economy.

-- 2015-12-04

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yep, just a matter of time, so many other very busy targets that could be hit too and you only have to look at how the cops handled the last incident here eg giving themselves the reward a week after one person was caught etc. The difference between the Paris incident and here and how the police handled it was like night and day

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So...the "intelligence" of the RTP (there is a contradiction in terms, if I have ever seen one) says, a terrorist attack might actually hit strongly populated areas with big numbers of people!

Who would've thunk!?

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Uhmm not convinced by this leaked document. It says terrorists entered between 15 and 30 October to target Russians to retailate bombings. But at that time Russia wasn't still bombing? And if it was already doing was just the starting (sorry no time to check it right now). So quick planning and organization? And then why stay months waiting silent, maybe in overstay as well?

I would opt more for a destabilizating move

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