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Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai


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New 2016-2017 topic for fire & smoke conditions in Chiang Mai.

Members can report the conditions in their area and updates of the pollution numbers (PCD) and questions in this topic. Also published news updates regarding local conditions.

aqmthai.com Air Quality Index

Regional Daily Air Quality Data

Air Quality Standards Thailand

Smoke, Smog, Dust 2015 Chiang Mai for reference.

Fire Reports Chiang Mai Facebook Group

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Stinking around Hangdong,canal road this morning.Smoke quite visible in a number of areas and Doi Suthep starting to disappear. The village at the back of our moo baan have burnt just about everything they could in the last few days with ash falling around a large area.The worst of the burning right next door to the village headmans house/office.

It's going to be a bad long season this year I think.

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Swimming at Kwang Vieng pool,Hang Dong, yesterday ash was falling in the pool from fires maybe a km away.

Lot of smoke which authorities obviously can't see. Makes a mockery of everything that has been promised and we are still in Decemeber.

Driving towards CM Doi Suthep was barely visible at 11.30am

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I drive in to Chiang Mai every morning from the south. From about Thai Watsadu on the superhighway, the pollution becomes noticeable. South of there there is very little.

Today, I was stuck in stop start traffic from Central Festival to Thapae Gate.

I'm blaming the current pollution on the cooler air and heavier traffic combination.

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