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Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai


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This evening the headman in our village announced that the government is asking for villagers to complete all agricultural burning by February 15. After that, fires will by monitored by satellite and the gov't will "take action" against communities that violate. Time will tell.

Ah-huh. Right. When buffalos fly methinks. coffee1.gif

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This is Doi Suthep from Chiang Mai university a few days ago. Though 3.6km away which compounds the haze. 2nd photo, post processed the same image to show what it ideally should look like. smile.png



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Heh heh.... in terms of Haze/Smog air pollution videos and the health effects, this would be THE BOMB wai2.gif Though the emphasis is more on China.

There is heckloads of info there. There are some disturbing scenes though, be warned.

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Hey guys, by the way, air purifiers work. I think most of the folks have one or a couple here......but in case there are still some disbelievers, this is something that I recorded during the ending portion of the haze season here in Singapore. lol!

PS. One is a Samsung (Samsung AX40), 2 are China Air Purifiers (Midea KJ30FE and MFresh M8088A)

The 3 gadgets are air quality meters with laser particle counter modules.

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It's actually Super El Nino conditions right now, though the effects are felt mainly over Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

I'm not sure how it'd affect Thailand esp Northern Thailand. Some articles do point a certain effect for Central and NE Thailand.

Eg https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/326165


Authorities predict that Thailand is likely to encounter a drought crisis in 2016 which may be the worst recorded in the past 50 years.

Dr Seree Suparatit, Director of Climate Change and Disasters in Rangstit University, said that in 2016 the drought crisis is the most crucial impact from El Nino. Water levels from large reservoirs such as Chao Phraya river could be reduced by 40% in comparison to the previous year. This can affect water consumption in various industries, especially agriculture.

Might need these later! coffee1.gif

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Seems to no longer be an active site as the last couple of years it was regularly updated. None of the maps, including your link, has been updated since December 24/25, 2015. Hope they fix it as it was a good point of reference.

Couple of other Firemap locations:



This site you can get a Google Earth kml file to display - https://earthdata.nasa.gov/earth-observation-data/near-real-time/firms/active-fire-data


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PM2.5 levels are very high at the moment, 4 times above average, can someone explain this, skies look relativity clear today.


Can't be bothered with explain and analyzing the horrible situation have to catch my flight to Indonesia see ya in May.

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