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I Like To Cook Indian Food. Are Ingredients Hard To Find?

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well yes all of them you can get in tops,for garam malsala and basmati rice you can go to phaurat or soi puthao sot,near silom.

i m indian and love to eat basmati rice,but price in bangkok are very very expencive

Where is the Soi Puthao Sot that you mentioned ? I could not find it on Google Earth

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Dhal is the main protean for the Indian vegetarians and the poor very cheap to make and tastes awful

This statement of vours verges tantamount to blood libel!

Dhal is what you make it, and during my six months in India

the daily dhal I ate in all kinds of restaurants was good to excellent.

I believe that everyone in the subcontinent--vege, carnivore, hindoo,

mohametan, sikh and parsi--from Assam to Afghanistan and back again loves good dhal,

and I love it as well. For me, a day without dhal is a day without sunshine.

I eat a bit of everything, but there is nothing I enjoy more than my dhal.

If circumstances demand I can be content with rice and dhal only.

Outside of the subcontinent, most "Indian" and related restaurant food is


As a famous South Asian patriot (might) have said:

"Give me good dhal or give me death!"

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