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30K cap. What is this?

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My experience is that the +60 group does have something to offer but there is a distinct low energy issue. Each school needs to decide what works for them.

One thing sure, if I had to hire a teacher without a degree, it would be someone that was +53. Unless you just need a joker and edutainer of course.

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Let's envision the scenario: Somchai (inhale) wait, wait..good one... what if.. we say salary (big inhale) is 50 K, but we say under 30K (double inhale)... we keep the 20 K (triple inhale)

Oh..those teachers over 60 still active and essential (slow inhale) I know.. we say you have to had a A in front of your name

(exhale) that takes care of it. (quick inhale exhale).

I know Thunderbolts from the Tinkers..clap2.gifthumbsup.gifcoffee1.gif

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Hey guys

I am not a teacher.

Haha, work for 30k THB a month and you have a degree.....

One would have to be desperate I reckon.

Yep OK I understand teacher dedication as my brother was a teacher in Australia but really, 30k THB!

I give my wife that for her found money and I pay everything else.

And I am a pensioner ..of sorts.

Haha what a joke. Would westerners ever even consider that?


Over 20 European countries have a lower average wage than 30,00 baht.

A single guy could easily live on that wage. It is simply that we all want more.

Teaching TEFL etc in the UK would earn you around the 100,000 mark. It would be taxed to hell and housing, fuel etc would be crippling. The weather is atrocious and the the country itself bleak. Personally, I would consider anybody living in the UK for that teacher's salary to be more desperate than those in Thailand.

Personally, I am going to move on, as I have a family, and my wage (more than mentioned here) is not enough any more. However, I do not blame singles staying.

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As a pensioner I have to prove a yearly income of 800,000Bhats, but for a teacher 360,000 would be enoughblink.png

I thought it was 480,000, but anyway, at least a teacher is contributing something lol;

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Responsible enough to care for 40 kids; but can't put 50 usd per month in an index fund, which would give you several times more than the Thai teacher pensions. Same goes for insisting on 12 paychecks per year, instead of 10 larger ones....kind of ironic that these are people trusted with educating young people.Only true for those who start young enough

Only true for those who start young enough. Nobody care how much is paid, they just want more. 10 or 12 month doesn't really matter, apart from the fact that asking an agency for a bigger paycheque for those 10 months will be laughed at

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If you are a grown man and the most you can earn is 30,000 a month, you have failed yourself.

No matter what country you are in. Epic failure.

Maybe the reason you are in Thailand is that is the only place (third world) in the entire world you can support yourself.

I would be ashamed to admit or tell anyone all I earned was 30,000 baht a month.

If you have failed to get an education or job training skills in your own country to make enough money to live in your own country, I sure as heck do not want you teaching my kid.

You have not even taught yourself how to make enough money to survive in your own land.

If you are that much of a rock how could you possibly teach anyone anything?

Thai teaching experience equals zero in the rest of the first world.

I speak English, I much be a teacher right?

How can so many "rocks" wake up one day and say to themselves, "Wow, I can make $1,000 a month in Thailand" as a teacher just because they can speak English, never once realized they have no education or job skill in their own homeland.

If 30,000 baht is big money to you, it must be a seriously sad existence.

I wonder what happens then Thailand turns the screws and all of the farang teachers are out of a job?

Will we see an increase in farangs standing around begging with signs "Help Me" homeless, hungry boo hoo

Perhaps you can enlighten us great unwashed with some pearls of wisdom ? We want to learn from a master of life.

If you are a grown man and the best you can do is denigrate the job choices of others, then you have not only failed yourself, but failed as a human being.

You need a reality check.

If you want to be a teacher so bad, why don't you get an advanced education and teach in your own country?

Did you grow up with a dream of being a poorly paid teacher in Thailand or was this an after thought to this is the only way I can make money to live in Thailand with no education or job skills?

You would have to be severely kidding yourself if your job choice is teaching in one of the worst educational systems in the world.

Farang teachers are on the lowest rung of the social status for a reason. They are the joke of Thailand. A big guise by the government to pretend they are educating the youth of Thailand yet the education system is no better now than it was 30 years ago.

All the "experts" in Thailand, products of Thai education and hackers take down almost 300 websites in one day.

I am sure you did not go over to Thailand for the benefit of the kids needing an education, armed with your TEFL?

Ask yourself this? What other job can you do in Thailand? The answer is none.

So if you think this is a job choice, you are only fooling yourself.

It is the only way you can survive and it is either 30K a month or less, or nothing.

So it is not a choice, because you have NO other job choices.

It is your only avenue for survival.

Aren't those the real facts?

Now, depending on your age, you have no social security or whatever from your own country, and all that experience with no education with land you zero jobs if you ever decide to move back. You are mortgaging any chance of a future.

A farang teacher doesn't earn enough to ever buy a house or car. That must be a real dream where you cannot afford anything.

Wisdom? Pretty simple. Do what 90% of the rest of the world does. Either get an education or a job skill that you can support yourself and your family with.

If Thailand ever shelves all the farang teachers, you will be up the creek with no paddle. Better believe it.

Save enough for a ticket home, you might need it some day.

A lot to print but nothing sensible to say.

Let people make their own choices. Personally, I would love to live somewhere that I had to earn no money, but could support myself through hard work. perhaps i am the worst case of an idiot in your thinking. Hard work and earning no money, who ever heard of such a thing? Still, if I am happy, who are you to complain about,or for, me?

Yes, I do teach in Thailand, and yes, I did come here with the sole reason of teaching. Amazingly I have another yes. I am qualified for employment. I can teach (with degree), I am qualified in a trade (carpentry) as well as banking, yet I still chose to be here.

We are not all the same... thank what ever God you believe in

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Looks like they are resetting the 30K starting salary for teachers who reach 60...AND wish to remain at their current school. I this way, the school saves money as the teacher has a higher salary from all the years and merit raises...and so what does the teacher do.. flight or fight. It all depends on the teachers personal situation.

The schools are looking to save money for various reasons, mostly bad management policies and then of course there is the low cost hire from island nations.

Much has been written, history has shown, bring in a lower wage worker and employers will FLOCK to them...regardless.

Thai English language teaching, Thai ADM, Thai educational experts....clap2.gif have a job, and sadly it does not involve improving educational standards. However this is always, a head scratcher as they bring in all the outside educational, so called experts from the Big TWO English speaking countries; claiming, we have never been colonized and we shall do it the Thai way.. go figure.

Moving on up...


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