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Your Top 5 Cusine, if you had to choose.


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steaks in Argentina

shrimps in LoS (if properly cooked, which is VERY rare)

BBQued lamb

clam chowder

shells and clams from here and there if cooked as they should be cooked

(salmon in various presentations & pickled herring)

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1. Greek. It has some common with italian cuisine. I really like its variations from vegetables, olive oil, fish, cheese and herbs.

2. Italian. It's associated with pizza and pasta. But in reality, italian food is highly variable.

3. Spanish. One word - tapas wub.png

4. Lebanese. It contains a lot of vegetable dishes, arabic bread, fish and seafood and little animal protein.

5. Thai. I like it spices and sauses. Tastes combination is amazing.

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