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Two Thai teenagers arrested for murder following horrific gang attack in Phatthalung

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They forgot to report she was stabbed four times before she was dumped down the embankment. This happened about 15 kilometres from where we live.

According to the wife there's going to be a good sized lynch mob for the crime re-enactment and too few police.

That solution works for me. thumbsup.gif

IF THEY ARE GUILTY, why not use their "young and fit bodies" to test cremes and medications?

After all, the big companies uses animals for testing and these people are animals.

So what?

Why not just test the strength of ropes?

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While I do believe that these matters are dealt with through official channels if the police fail to do so for whatever reasons, then one cannot blame the local community from stepping in and showing the police what punishment is not matter who they are, I know if it were my child I would not hesitate in doing so.

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When i was a much younger man i dabbled in what was called 'social drugs Amphetamine being the main drug of use.Also the young ladies of our group

used the drug also.It described then, as speed.We would use it to stay awake when out clubbing in the west end of London.The problem with it was,it had an

effect on the sexual stimulation condition.At the drugs high point (lasting as long as how much was ingested)young men would find it impossible to get and maintain an

erection.The drug speeded up the body's metabolism.And all thoughts of sex at that time was not number 1 on the agenda.However,during the 'coming down period

All one could think of was finding a female partner for the morning.In the female gender,the residue of the drug,wearing off,made them ready for a sexual liason,but

the effect of the drug prevented them from reaching orgasm.Hence, a good time was had by all.Over here i do not know the ratio's of the ingredients of Crystal meth

or any Amphetimine based drugs. I wonder if these vile culprits were under the influence of such drugs.Depending upon what stage of the 'high'they were in, would

explain the news report saying that the rape was brutal.This is typical of an Amphetamine induced assault.Were these scum bags tested for drug's?Also,to be considered

in this case,is,that if the boys were under the influence of Amphetamine,and having this macho,manly face thing,the reason why the girl was assaulted so brutaly

could have been the fact that one or more of the [email protected]#ts being too high,an erection would not have been achieved rendering him/them open to being humiliated

by his 'friends'.

I have nothing but contempt for the perpetrators of this god awful crime.The young girl is brave and courageous woman.The child will have no father,and how will she ever

learn to forget this,every time she looks at her child.

RRIP young man.

What happened in this dreadful case has so many similarities to the Koh Tao murders. Fortunately the rape victim has survived, and 2 of the perpetrators have surrendered themselves to the police, so the investigation and the judicial process might reveal what actually transpired, unlike the KT fiasco.

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The murder and rape is horrendous...

And so to is their lame excuse for doing it...

Hear, hear! All too often the cause for the most horrendous of crimes is to use the old excuse that the perpetrators were under the influence of drugs/alcohol at the time, and that "they should not be punished for their crimes - they need help." To this I say B**l S**t!

Maybe I'm being a bit old fashioned, but nobody forced THEM to stick a needle in their arm, or forced them to smoke whatever it is that turns them into monsters. They don't need help - they need a bit of attitude adjustment of the most severe kind that would leave other drug addicts in no doubt what the consequences will be for rape and murder.

agree, I think drugs and alcohol don't change a person's nature, i.e. it doesn't turn a good person into an evil one. what it does is remove inhibitions.

off with their heads.

'Off with their heads' huh ? Well, considering how full of rage you are, I sure hope you don't get drunk or drugged too often.

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This we have come to expect is THAINESS at its best, despite whatever anyone in authority thinks these are Thais ,who if I am not mistaken cannot do such dastardly crimes.....................Oh REALLY ..

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Young Thai men do guard their sister's virtue - it is inherent in society. If a family approves of a possible relationship, two youngsters can become 'engaged' or promised to eventually marry, when the man finds a job good enough to support her. If a suitor is not welcome (possibly because he is not good enough) he could be warned off by an elder brother - or else.

However, while the scenario is 'normal' this vicious attack by a gang (not withstanding the girl is 3 months pregnant) goes far beyond any excusable reason - and now that other gang members wanted to 'silence' the girl to avoid prosecution is despicable in the extreme, and the actual killers should all be punished by a death sentence commuted to life imprisonment (after pleading guilty).

I do not favour a lynch mob, but that's also 'normal' Thai behaviour. So be it.

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4 Arrested for Savage Abduction, Murder and Rape
By Teeranai Charuvastra
Staff Reporter

Rescue workers carry away the body of 18-year-old Passakorn Kongsawasdi on Sunday in Trang province.

PHATTHALUNG — Four men, including two minors, were arrested yesterday in Phatthalung province and accused of abducting a young woman and man, the latter of which they murdered, in an ordeal captured on one suspect’s phone.

Police believe five suspects plotted in cold blood to abduct, hold captive and ultimately slay the couple out of jealousy and to settle a “personal dispute” in a crime which has attracted widespread attention for its brutality.

“It was a personal dispute. They insulted each other on Facebook, and [the suspects] lost their temper, so they went ahead with the crime,” said Col. Wichai Wichayanarupol, commander of Sri Nakharin Police Station.

The murdered man, 18-year-old Passakorn Kongsawasdi, had recently broken up with a family member of one of the suspects and was dating the female victim, who was the same suspect’s ex-girlfriend, Wichai said.

The four arrested suspects were identified as two 19-year-old men and two 17-year-old male minors. One of the adult men was identified as Nopporn Thongead. Wichai added that police are looking for a fifth male suspect, 20, whose role in the crime was unclear.

Police did not name any of the other suspects.

Full story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1454390189

-- Khaosod English 2016-02-02

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How can a 17 year old be considered a minor? It is ridiculous. They committed 1st degree cold blooded murder. As such they should face the consequences and be executed for these atrocities.

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Manrak,what world to you live in,obviously a closeted one.To say that drugs and alcohol dont change a persons nature.HA! so!youve never been out with

the guy that you thought was a nice person until he got a few drinks down him and wanted to fight every body?Youve never seen a guy turn on his best friend when pissed?.

Even women have the ability to change into foul mouthed haridans when under the influence ,(i should know,i was married to one).

You can believe this or not,i really dont care.I cant reveal my name on here.But i was the ex husband of a woman who was murdered in South East London years ago

And her new husband,who was a wonderful,mild mannered man,decapitated the bitch.This was all through alcohol.His nature certainly changed,didnt it?.It went national

and the papers had a bit of a thing with it.That was some 20 odd years ago.Please dont tell me that drugs and alcohol dont change peoples nature.You have absolutely no idea.AnAnd to say such a thing is both immature and stupid. Youve obviously not been around enough.I lived in the real world.I am available for comment if anyone wants to start

a conversation with me.


Totally agree Dave. Ask anyone whose ever worked security or bars in nightclubs. You can watch the changes alcohol induces. Peoples features change as their muscle and nervous system controls become relaxed. The behavioral changes can be small, medium or quite drastic as drugs effect different people differently.

It was mainly alcohol in my day, drugs being much less common than now. But the changes in people's personality and behavior when pissed could be extreme and sometimes very violent.

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They do not deserve the death sentence They deserve to be locked up for life and everyday they wake then can think about the life they took

This is just because once they are dead no more thinking about it

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