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Two Thai teenagers arrested for murder following horrific gang attack in Phatthalung

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Manrak,what world to you live in,obviously a closeted one.To say that drugs and alcohol dont change a persons nature.HA! so!youve never been out with

the guy that you thought was a nice person until he got a few drinks down him and wanted to fight every body?Youve never seen a guy turn on his best friend when pissed?.

Even women have the ability to change into foul mouthed haridans when under the influence ,(i should know,i was married to one).

You can believe this or not,i really dont care.I cant reveal my name on here.But i was the ex husband of a woman who was murdered in South East London years ago

And her new husband,who was a wonderful,mild mannered man,decapitated the bitch.This was all through alcohol.His nature certainly changed,didnt it?.It went national

and the papers had a bit of a thing with it.That was some 20 odd years ago.Please dont tell me that drugs and alcohol dont change peoples nature.You have absolutely no idea.AnAnd to say such a thing is both immature and stupid. Youve obviously not been around enough.I lived in the real world.I am available for comment if anyone wants to start

a conversation with me.


Totally agree Dave. Ask anyone whose ever worked security or bars in nightclubs. You can watch the changes alcohol induces. Peoples features change as their muscle and nervous system controls become relaxed. The behavioral changes can be small, medium or quite drastic as drugs effect different people differently.

It was mainly alcohol in my day, drugs being much less common than now. But the changes in people's personality and behavior when pissed could be extreme and sometimes very violent.

Also agree. I know of one individual who is an exremely affable person when sober, and the same when drinking beer, but give him one glass of spirits and stand clear and wait for the explosion!

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They forgot to report she was stabbed four times before she was dumped down the embankment. This happened about 15 kilometres from where we live.

According to the wife there's going to be a good sized lynch mob for the crime re-enactment and too few police.

The only way justice will be served due to their ages.

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Police believe five suspects plotted in cold blood to abduct, hold captive and ultimately slay the couple

They insulted each other on Facebook, and [the suspects] lost their temper, so they went ahead with the crime,” said Col. Wichai Wichayanarupol, commander of Sri Nakharin Police Station.

Police: the suspects plotted in cold blood to kill the couple, until they lost their temper and committed the crime.

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Captured the crime on a cell phone. Maybe not the sharpest tools in the shed. I hope

it makes things simple for the police and no deals have to be made for a confession.thumbsup.gif

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Try the minors as adults. Option in USA, should be here. If mental age were criteria, many would never age of majority.

Alcohol and some drugs don't change a person. They merely remove the brakes on normal inhibitions. The rage and violence is what is percolating all along under the surface.

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They do not deserve the death sentence They deserve to be locked up for life and everyday they wake then can think about the life they took

This is just because once they are dead no more thinking about it

No, they should be killed. Why should the taxpayers have to feed them for the next 50 years? Kill 'em.

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Makes you wonder who would have got the blame for this if the girl had of died. Her living at least means the right people will do time rather some random Burmese guys.

I bet the RTP must be wishing she was dead.

Sorry mate, the constant belittling of the RTP wears a bit thin. Everybody that is not totally stupid knows there are many faults with the justice system and police in Thailand but there should be some consideration shown to the ones who are not negligent or corrupt, leave it out.

I'm sure the thousands of people who are in jail for crimes they didn't commit will agree with you.

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4 Arrested for Savage Abduction, Murder and Rape

By Teeranai Charuvastra

Staff Reporter


Rescue workers carry away the body of 18-year-old Passakorn Kongsawasdi on Sunday in Trang province.

Seriously is this the most unrespectable way possible to carry a body. I hope the boys parents don't get to see it.

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Criminal court's trial for four young suspects involved in a brazen crime case


BANGKOK: -- The four young suspects who allegedly murdered their victim in an execution style, raped and assaulted the victim’s girlfriend and threw her into a ravine believing that she was already dead can be tried in ordinary court instead of a juvenile court because of the cruel nature of their crime.

The 19-year old female victim survived the murder attempt crawled her way out of the ravine in the vicinity of Pappa mountain in Phatthalung province and called for help. She is now being treated at a hospital.

Justice deputy permanent secretary Thawatchai Thaikhieu described the four suspects as criminally-minded because of the brazen nature of their crime against the two victims, both under 20. The crime was premeditated and the suspects showed no mercy to their hapless victims, he said.

He said that the juvenile and family court should transfer the case to the criminal court if it found the four juvenile suspects to be as mentally and physically fit as adults.

Meanwhile, Mr Visit Visitsora-ath, director-general of juvenile and youth protection department, said the four suspects have not been sent to the department.

But once they are sent by the police, he said the suspects would be detained at a remand home in Trang or Songkhla and a psychologist will be dispatched to assess their mental conditions.

The four suspects were reported to have lured their two victims to a secluded place in Phatthalung province to settle their conflict. However, the gang forced the male victim to dig his own grave and then shot him to death in an execution style in the presence of his girlfriend.

The suspects then gang-raped the woman, assaulted her until she fell unconscious. Thinking that she was already dead, they dumped her body into a ravine to cover up the crime.

Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/content/149182

-- Thai PBS 2016-02-03

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My blood runs cold when i think of what that poor girl and her boyfriend went through at the hand's of these thug's.The girl must have been terrified for the safety of her unborn child and the guy could do nothing to protect her.My daughter has just informed me that she is having a baby boy and i can not imagine how i would feel if this happened to her. I only hope that these vile creatures suffer at the hands of their new neighbours when they get inside.Prisoners in the Uk have a code which does not tolerate crimes of this nature.They will be got at one way or another.A cell door will be mysteriously left open,or a sharpened coin will be flicked across the eating area.Do they have sectioning for perps of crimes like this in this country? because these guys will have to spend the rest of their lives in the sectioned wing.Over here,where money talks a language all of its own,even the prison officers will be in on it.These boy's forget that many of the guys inside have son's and daughters of their own.Lets hope that a crime like this will warrant the same sort of punishment.Mob vengeance.

Chock Dee boys,enjoy your stay,because we all know how well Thai police are known for their hospitality.


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Unfortunately the police secretly carried out the crime reconstruction as they knew the chances of crowd trouble and a lynching were going to happen.

Then again it doesn't matter as they will get a really warm welcome wherever they end up imprisoned. According to a prison officer in Phatthalung the prisoners, including hardened murderers are disgusted by this case and can't wait to take these misunderstood young men under their wing.

For once I believe that the rest of their (short) lives will be better off in prison rather than getting the death penalty as they will receive the same as what they had done to the victims on a daily basis.

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