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Two Thai teenagers arrested for murder following horrific gang attack in Phatthalung

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Quote : He said that the juvenile and family court should transfer the case to the criminal court if it found the four juvenile suspects to be as mentally and physically fit as adults.

Good. In this day and age, most adults are as mentally fit as juveniles anyway. Not just in Thailand, everywhere, and about 80% of the posts on TVF are a prime illustration of that fact. When I read the threads I often feel that I am hearing conversations in some English high school locker room. Especially on subjects such as death penalty, guns, sexuality, paedophilia, Thai ways, women, politics, environment, and the list goes on.

I remain a member for the other 20%. Thank you, 20%.

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How much longer will are we going to accept alcohol and drugs as an excuse for appalling crimes such as murder and rape?

The possible consequences of over-indulgence in these mind-changing substances is no secret. In fact, some lawbreakers - particularly youngsters - deliberately get "high" to give them the Dutch courage to commit premeditated violent anti-social acts which would normally be against their conscience.

Rape is one such example, as are many other acts of gratuitous violence.

Instead of being a mitigating factor in such cases, the deliberate consumption of alcohol prior to the offence should result in an even harsher, not more lenient, sentence.

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Criminal court's trial for four young suspects involved in a brazen crime case

This means, talk about it again next 5 years, next 10 years and next following decade,................... wai2.gifwai2.gifwai2.gif

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