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Thai border market vendors torpedo crackdown on counterfeits


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The police lost face here...

My guess is next time the police will be back with the Army, they should seal the boarder first, then implement road blocks around the market, then raid the market, not only checking for fake goods but also ID's and Work Permits.

That should return a little happiness to some people scratching a living at the bottom of the economic pile.

Nobody buys "French Perfume" at a border market and believes it is the real thing.

If you are in the market for fine cosmetics you don't go shopping for them in a border market.

It does no harm whatsoever to the French Perfume Industry.

Now if they were shipping it to Paris, and trying to pass it off as the real thing....

...or shipping it to certain airlines and passing it off as duty free?....

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Counterfeiting costs legitimate firms billions of dollars a year. They spend a lot of money to create the brand, only to have it ripped off. Most counterfeits are made here in Asia, with the vast majority coming from China. Counterfeit products can and have caused lots of damage.

That is some serious BS you have here lol...

Aye, we would not want those multi trillions companies to lose some market shares in the border market or Cambodia LOL...

Better oppress some of the poor 99% to show them who is the master....

Big corporations exploiting the poor anyway..

And no one around those markets could buy the real thing anyway..

Not a lot of people in Asia (BKK and big cities excepted) would watch US and European movies if it wasn't for fake copies....

What disgusts me the most in this event is the fact that reps from the French Embassy were there...

Protecting interests of the paymaster were they?

It's not just big companies. It's small ones also. Oppress 99% of the poor? Seriously? Wow...I've worked for many big corporations and don't know of one that exploited the poor. But everybody has their own opinion.

Why would a poor person want to buy a knock off perfume bottle? Because they can, because somebody made some dodgy stuff, put it in a look alike bottle, and is selling it for cheap. Too lazy to come up with their own design and brand. Greed and corruption.

It is illegal. And does hurt innocent people. No BS here. Methinks you'd sing a different tune if you'd sank your life savings into a product, only to see it copied in a market like this.


"It looks at how criminal enterprises have developed alongside legitimate commerce and taken advantage of distribution and logistics chains. It offers estimates of values to prompt public debate and makes recommendations to address these problems," said Chawla.

Many of the organised criminal activities outlined in the Report can have serious global health implications.

"Between one-third to 90 per cent of anti-malarial drugs tested in Southeast Asia are fraudulent: They do not contain what they say they do. Sub-standard drugs have two serious public health consequences: One: people get sicker or die; Two: drug-resistant strains can develop - as we now see with anti-malarials - and cause a global health threat," said Jeremy Douglas, UNODC Regional Representative, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

"These transnational criminal activities are a global concern now. Illicit profits from crimes in East Asia and the Pacific can destabilise societies around the globe. Dollars from illicit activities in East Asia can buy property and companies and corrupt anywhere. We need to talk about this, and organise a coordinated response now. It takes a network to defeat a network," Douglas added.


The global trade in counterfeit goods is booming, and it's shifting from relatively innocuous items like shoes and handbags to things like medicine and pesticides that can carry serious health and safety implications.
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Those border markets are just a conduit to the markets in Bkk and other cities. They are the middle men between the Cambodian factories and Thai traders. You go look at the stock, order what you want then a few days later return with ya truck.

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Thai police can not use there guns. Fire a few shot in the air and watch what happens. The Thai police do not make enough money to do there in a situation like this. They only have energy to drug test farangs and get tea money!

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They should really concentrate their efforts on the manufacturers of these counterfeit goods, not the low level market stalls that sell them.

The manufacturers of these counterfeit goods will be exporting these products all over the world by the container load. The market stall operators will be selling a tiny number of items compared to the manufacturers.

Talk about going after the low hanging fruit. There are massive factories churning out this crap by the truck load every hour. Why the interest in impoverished market stall holders ?

The higher-ups are probably too well connected to touch (which is no excuse), and this crowd showed the cops that they are no longer 'low hanging fruit'.

What to do? What to do?

Run away!

It'll take a battalion of Marines to go in there next time.

Very similar to the phony "War on Drugs" - get the delivery guy or street corner kid - never a kingpin. A complete failure at billions spent per year on it.

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