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What do I need to know: Moving from Thailand to Vietnam?

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I made the move last year after my wife of 15 years decided to become a junkie. So, with my daughter in tow, off to Vietnam. We both got 2 year temporary resident cards with no hassle, she is in an International school and I enjoy being out of Thailand for the time being. Crowded? Yes, some places but not everyplace. You'll enjoy the change.

How much is international school in Vietnam?

How does your wife become a junkie after 15 years?

Yaba bimbo.

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Nomad - first things first, go visit for a month, few months and check it out - I have been living here on and off between Thailand & Vietnam about nine years and still don't know all the ins &amp

Vietnam is Thailand with the fun taken out. It's way more expensive to live an expat life and you have far less choices to boot. You'll have people in your face from the moment you walk out the door t

Take a trip to Nha Trang and check it out...you may be pleasantly surprised... I left Thailand awhile back for many reasons... Not sorry I did...

Vietnam is the worst place in the world after China, but still some people dream that it's paradise...

Let's get robbed there and enjoy coming back to Thailand !

care to explain how its bad? I had no bad experiences in two trips and it was dirt cheap, many people were very friendly, and the food was amazing, my experience.

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