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Chinese tourist dies in long-tail boat accident off Krabi


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Chinese Tourist Dies in Long-Tail Boat Accident
By Teeranai Charuvastra
Staff Reporter

KRABI — A Chinese tourist drowned Sunday evening when the long-tail boat she was riding sank off the coast of Krabi province, police said.

The accident occurred because the boat operator disregarded the National Park’s warning to keep to shore due to rough seas, according to a police officer.

Full story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1454906449

-- Khaosod English 2016-02-08

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Chinese tourist drowned in Krabi sea

KRABI: -- A 64-year-old Chinese tourist was drowned and five others injured when a long-tail boat they travelled and sank off the Phi Phi Island in Krabi province yesterday amid high the turbulent sea.

The victim was identified as Mrs Su Ji Zhen.

Krabi police investigator Pol Maj Charun Nabpet said the Chinese family of six, two children and four adults, was travelling in a long tail boat from Mai Phai islet in the Phi Phi Island back to their resort at Ao Nang bay of Krabi province at 3 pm.

But while in the turbulent sea, the boat was struck by a three metre high wave, causing the boat to take in water, and slowly sinking.

The Thai boat driver then told all his passengers to put on their life vests and shouted for help from other nearby boats.

One woman died from drowning and five, including the children, suffering serious injuries from choking on water.

They were all admitted to Krabi hospital.

Chief of Nopparat Thara-Phi Phi Island national park Mr Sarayut Tansatien, meanwhile, warned of danger from turbulent sea and high waves during February 7-9, particularly in the afternoon, and small boats are advised not to leave the shores due to strong winds.

Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/content/149990

-- Thai PBS 2016-02-08

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how many more before this country starts dealing with these people who completely have no regard for safety

they should have at least been wearing life vests while on the boat especially in such rough conditions

another pointless wasted life perpetrated by stupid people taking risks for a few baht

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just spent a week in AoNang ...it is basically China, the amount of road accidents daily and braindead idots just walking out into the manic trafic there is unreal....i wont be going back there, dirty unfriendly place also.

In the few days i was there 5 dead Chinese from tour boats most not even in the news?

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"The accident occurred because the boat operator disregarded the National Park’s warning to keep to shore due to rough seas, according to a police officer."

“Officials from the National Park told us they already issued a warning,” said Charan Nabpetch, an officer at Krabi City Police Station."

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Tourist dead, family in hospital after boat capsizes
Phuket Gazette

The family of six, including two children, hired the longtail to get back to Ao Nang. Photo: Kritsada Mueanhawong

PHUKET: -- An elderly Chinese woman is dead and her family recovering in hospital after the longtail boat they hired capsized in rough seas in Krabi yesterday.

Boat driver Niyom Suebhet, 32, said that the longtail had started taking on water before capsizing in waves about three meters high.

“We left Koh Mai Pai at about 3pm. The tourists, four adults and two children, were heading to Ao Nang, where they were staying,” said Mr Niyom. “I didn’t think that the weather would be that rough. That’s why I took them.”

According to Mr Niyom, the family were wearing life jackets by the time the boat flipped. They then held on to the longtail for more than 10 minutes before being rescued by a passing speedboat.

Full story: http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Tourist-dead-family-hospital-boat-capsizes/63084?desktopversion#ad-image-0

-- Phuket Gazette 2016-02-08

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Without tracking it, it feels as if every day a tourist is either killed or severly injured in Thailand.

Maybe TAT needs to start a poster campaign called XX Days Since a Tourist Died. Be Careful What You Do.

Place at all major entries into Thailand in several languages and travel web sites.

A vacation should be a change of life, not an end of life. wai2.gif

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