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Thai police to combat bad airport taxis with lecture and sticker


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Police to Combat Bad Airport Taxis With Lecture and Sticker
By Teeranai Charuvastra
Staff Reporter

Police officers award “Friendly Taxi” stickers to cabbies who participate in Tuesday’s lecture.

SAMUT PRAKARN — Where mass public pledges, complaint hotlines and a smartphone app have failed, police said they have come up with a new measure to discourage abusive behavior among taxi drivers at Bangkok’s airports: a lecture and sticker.

Under the “Friendly Taxi” campaign, police officers today delivered a lecture encouraging taxi drivers to obey the law and refrain from ripping off, refusing, fooling and threatening passengers as found in many complaints on social media.

Full story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1455017320&typecate=06&section=

-- Khaosod English 2016-02-10

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That will work and if it doesn't, try enforcing the law, fine them heavily, repeat offenders have taxi thier licences suspend or cancelled

Even this will not be enough! They also need their vehicles impounded with storage fees compounded daily and total loss of vehicles if the owners don't pay or if they break the law several times.
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Why not use a wooden ruler to whack the palm 10 times while lecturing the bad taxi driver? Used to work well back in grade school...

Grow up BIB!

Better yet, bend them over a chair and whack 'em with a paddle.

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Lots of ' encouragement ' to obey the law etc but was there any straight, words of one syllable, talking on the consequences of not doing so ?

I very much doubt it, not the Thai way and neither is proper enforcement.

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Good luck with that.

I second That! What a joke. See all those cops with their shiny awards on their uniforms. They look like there all Generals, but inreality there all a joke! 12,000 THB a month salary but they drive new cars and have a nice home. And lastly, lets not forget

the Second Wife!

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How long before someone color photocopies the sticker and starts selling them go ALL the drivers.

Here's a novel idea, try enforcing the law and demoonstrating there are actual and real consequences to their actions.

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