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How To Upload Photos On Threads?

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how do you put a picture from your own computer into the post.

i.e. not from a website.

detailed instructions please, no techno talk.




Sorry, cant be done.

It can only be done from a website.


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thanks tiz, but how do i go about starting my album in the photo forum, am i automatically logged in if i go there from here, cos when i tried to log in using "taxexile" and my password, it wont accept it and wont send me an e-mail telling me my password.

i can access the albums already there but i cannot see any way of starting a new one ???

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I've never used the photo forum, but I just tried and got the same result that you did.

My guess is that you need to re-register for the photo forum.


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do you mean with a new user name ???

yes, try to sign up as: taxexile2

and I will monitor it how it goes.


In the foto album I am tukyleith and I have used my usual passowrd.

Worked for me.

And an easy way to post pictures, although sometimes you need to delete after you have posted it in the forum because not all pics need to be stored in the album.

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been an hour, still no e-mail, when i try to log in with my new username and password it tells me 'invalid username or password".

tried it on two computers so i dont think the problem is at my end.

over to you



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yes,what is a dynamic page ??

and it wont let me register for the album !!

is it me or is it them?

Tax, Dynamic pages are those that contain "html" i.e. linking to a complete web page, and not to a specific passive image. eg.

http://www.joebloggs.com is a dynamic link

http://www.joebloggs.com/images/basher.jpg is a passive image link and you can use it on the forum, but not the whole web page...Maejo

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george.... i use hotmail.

maejo....thanks for that, that explains my frustration yesterday at not being to upload a rather gory shot of a large bunch of anal warts just to cheer our friend up.!!

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