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How To Upload Photos On Threads?

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george.... i use hotmail.

maejo....thanks for that, that explains my frustration yesterday at not being to upload a rather gory shot of a large bunch of anal warts just to cheer our friend up.!!

Ha! Could have been a gruesome sight, and what's more I havn't heard how the warts are going. No update yet and todays Wartsday, but not quite over in High Wycombe :o

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all boxes are empty and i am receiving mail regularly in that e-mail account.

i dont have another e-mail account.

any other way of getting logged in ??

appreciate all your help this evening.



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Doing something wrong there Tax....I just reregistered and not a problem, e-mail came back almost instantly. I also saw your name in the registered folder there, in fact three of them....tax/taxexile/taxexiled so your are registering ok, but not getting yor e-mail to confirm a password........Can't really see waht you're doing wrong.....

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this is getting ridiculous !!

still no e-mail from the photo album in the thaivisa e-mail account, but i received an e-mail from myself there that i just sent from my hotmail account .

so the e-mail accounts are working, i seem to be registered with the photo album,but cannot access it because the information needed is contained in the e-mails that i still think are not being sent out to me.!!!

george.... over to you... :o

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tax, the user name that you use is silent, the name of your album does not reflect this. Can you try something completely different?

ie aaaa or something similar then see what happens.

if not, then try one of our email addresses, I hope you can trust an Admin/Mod but you do never know, if one of us knows your password we can come in and change your pics :o

Let us know mate, it is interesting.

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