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Wife diagnosed as HIV+

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This is the end of what has been a very tough week for my wife and I and I'm hoping that some of you guys might be able to help me out with some specific advice.

As a result of a routine blood donation for Charity, she was informed this week that her blood had tested positive for HIV.

I went for a test immediately and it came back negative.

I don't think there's much point in these circumstances dragging up the past but just to say that she's explained to me how she likely got it and it's just bad luck on her part.

So now it's time to look at the future.

At the moment we are waiting for the full blood tests to come back with another (from what I understand) deeper HIV test, CD4 count, Viral load, HBsAG, TPHAm Anti HBs, Anti HCV, Creatinine and SGPT (Alt). She got this test through the Red Cross and paid 3000 Baht for it.

When she gets the test back I'm sure we'll have more understanding of where she's at and the appropriate treatment.

She has Bupa insurance through her work that gives her 30 outpatient visits for a max of 1,200 Baht per time per year. She is in the Thai Social Fund and I purchased Cigna International Silver insurance (inpatient only) for us both last September (which would have been after she was infected but before we found out, or that she was reasonably supposed to know she had an infection).

I've read through all kinds of information on here and other forums throughout the week, as has she.

I'm certainly not rich but of course I want to make sure she gets the best treatment and that comes first.

I'm looking for some recommendations from people who know the system here well as to what I can do to maximize the quality of treatment and balance that with cost.

From what I understand, the best way would be to have a consultant at Bumrungrad to advise/prescribe/monitor treatment, to get the blood tests from the Red Cross Anonymous Clinic and to purchase the drugs directly from them after getting a prescription at Bumrungrad?

Does this sound like a good plan of action?

If so, does anyone have any specific recommendations for a Doctor at Bumrungrad and any idea how much each visit will cost and how often we'll likely need a visit?

Any advice on how to deal with payments, insurance or whatever other advice you may deem necessary will be gratefully received.

Thanks guys.

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