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1.5 tons of marijuana worth 450 million baht seized in southern Thailand


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As officers continued to speak to Mr Boontiang, one of the passengers, Mr Komsak Nakowong, 52, admitted that he was in the process of orchestrating the transportation of a large amount of marijuana and that he had been due to help navigate an 18 wheel truck that would due to deliver the narcotics to an address in southern Thailand.

Why do these Thai spill the beans so easily ? So typical .

What a waste of time & money growing and producing this product.

They obviously can not stand any form of stress. However this story should not at the present time be reported. The details of the recipients should have been found and action taken to arrest them. Only after everyone involved is caught should this story be published

Lol... In a real world scenario.

The Thai scenario, is that this investigation has reached as far up the hierarchy as it's going to get, so go ahead and publish... grab a moments glory, as the Investigation is now closed.... Move along.

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...so is this a Thai product.....???

...where do all these drugs come from....???

From OP.... Police believe it originates in Laos

I don't think they have a rice subsidy in Laos, do they?.... Even though both enterprises seem to have resulted in arrests ?

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Too bad it's not made legal. There is growing demand for medical grade marijuana in the US. It could be a significant export crop if the PTB would climb off their moral high-horses. It could also reduce a lot of suffering of medical patients in Thailand too.

450.000.000 Baht for 1.500 kg


300.000 Baht for 1 kg


300 Baht for 1 gram

At such high rates for a natural product, it is no wonder that the synthetic drugs (and in its consequences much more dangerous drugs) are on the rise.

The decriminalization of this class 5 drug (cannabis) would certainly help, to destroy the business of the

great, organized drug gangs and would certainly help to push back the synthetic drugs (Yaba, Ice, CMeth) that bring so much misery to people.

Legalize it , grow it yourself = no taxes.

It works in the US :

Legalizing Weed Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars And A 40 Year War Couldn't


Finally, some people on here that are capable of thinking outside of the blinder box.

BTW, no way would the US import from LOS.. they grow killer weed in the states.

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That's a whole lot of medicine and cancer cures right there. What are they going to do with it I probably don't have to wonder.

Marijuana is a cancer CURE?? Better tell the medical researchers that.

Pain relief for cancer sufferers, perhaps?

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