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Haze starts to cover Phayao despite 60-day burning ban


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Such a pity! I was considering this general region as a good option for retirement, particularly the Care Resort outside Chiang Mai for when I get frail. Before I get frail, the Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son regions seemed ideal because of their natural beauty and 'less touristy' nature.
Now I'm not so sure. As one gets older, the last thing one wants is an annual event that can exacerbate any health problems one might develop as a result of old age.

If you get frail enough you probably won’t be out running around in the smoke too much.

Definitely not! However, the problem is, it's an additional worry and concern which I would want to avoid in my old age. When the haze is really bad, one would definitely stay indoors with windows closed and a filtered air-conditioner in operation. But what about those days when the sky seems fairly clear, but not completely clear, and there is still a reduced pollution hazard which is difficult to calculate?
The best solution is simply to take an annual 2-month break and travel back to one's home country, or some other pollution-free area, but that's not ideal because it's an additional expense and possibly even a burden if one loses interest in travelling to places one has frequently visited in the past.
By the way, do you have any personal information on the Care Resort in Chiang Mai, Villagefarang? When I visited the place a couple of years ago, I was impressed with the spacious gardens, the decorative benches and tables among the trees, the large lake, and the general 4-star-hotel appearance of the foyer and rooms, but I didn't see any guests. Perhaps they were all out on a bus tour to some place. wink.png
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