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Ive got women less than half my age interested in me. Amazing thailand

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I have women aged in the early twenties interested in me. This would never happen back home.

Im not self deluded and realise when I look at myself in the mirror that Im only just taller than tom cruise and better looking than woody allen.

I am married and thus have no intention of pursuing any these admirers. Is anybody else in the same situation?

Its duly noted that I don't live in Pats and the Thai ladies Im referring to are students and have normal jobs etc. (i.e. the non pay for play variety)

Have a great day in Amazing Thailand.

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Actually it does happen back home, especially young western women are very proactive these days, the older girls well...just forget them.

I did have one woman half my age trying to get my attention once in a Hua Hin mall while the TGF went off doing something, but alas lot harder at Central and Paragon, maybe i don't look like i have money.

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Enjoy it.......just dont let it get to your head and start thinking your a rock star and these women see the real you.........plenty of those here.

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