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currently using Linux Peppermint. I change about every 3 months or so. I was using Ubuntu Studio, changed recently.

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On 12/1/2019 at 11:56 AM, WalkingOrders said:

I change about every 3 months or so.

Strewth, I couldn't be doing with that, what's the point?

I tried a few flavours to start with, but settled on Linux Mint and have been happy with that the last six years.


Recently, I confess to have tried a few different distros in a search to find one that worked well on a mini-PC with HiDPI display; Mint doesn't offer more than 2x scaling. I quickly settled on KDE Neon, which works a treat, though I've not been tempted to change the desktops, as Mint works fine, and the wife & kids are familiar and happy with Mint. 

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Linux Newbie!


I've got a 10 year old laptop I recently reformatted, I have reinstalled it mainly with Win10 again BUT this time I set a separate partition on which I've installed Zorin 15.


The Windows install still chugs away a bit but I've been very impressed with Zorin, it's breathed new life into a decrepit old rig. I'm really liking the interface on Zorin, it's really slick. Most stuff was pretty easy to adapt to, took a bit of work getting my VPN working. I think the only part I don't really enjoy is trying to connect to my (Google) cloud drive. I did want to use Chromium browser but Netflix didn't work so I've switched back to Firefox. I've got some documents and spreadsheets I'd created on MS Office and no problems using them in Libreoffice.


The thing I appreciate most about Zorin is the time between logging in to being ready to use compared to Windows. The shutdown time is also super quick.


I was going to try Mint on my newer laptop but just couldn't get the damn thing to boot from my USB pen.

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