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BANGKOK 24 February 2019 02:57

Thai Months & Days

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August is SING-HAA-COM สิงหาคม

The Lion King is a great musical. The Lion King is a great singer. Leos are born in August (mostly)!


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The days are indeed from the planets which can be seen from Earth with the bare eye, just as you surmised.

Moonday วันจันทร์, Marsday วันอังคาร (♂), Mercuryday วันพุธ (☿), Jupiterday วันพฤหัสบดี (♃), Venusday วันศุกร์ (♀), Saturnday วันเสาร์ (♄), Sunday วันอาทิตย์.

They follow the same pattern as in the Roman calendar, now whether this is because they were influenced by it, or because the Roman calendar follows an older Indo-European tradition which means the Thais got their calendar with Indic influences, I do not know. Good question.

Checked this out further. It appears that the spread of the 7 day week started with Babylonia. The number 7 was sacred to them, and there are also 7 celestial bodies that can be seen with the naked eye. This Babylonian concept spread with the Jews and onto Christianity and then on with Roman culture - in 321, a Roman emperor decreed the 7 day week as law.

It became known to China and Japan around 600 AD.

So you have not heard about the forthcoming European Community legislation which will decimalise the week and the year? 10 days in the week with a 3 day weekend (sadly not until 2009); All months are to have 30 days and only 10 months in the year. They are working on the finer details now - eg. how old you have to be to drink and drive (n.b. not simultaneously) and at what age one qualifies for a state pension. It will make us all get older quicker which is a good reason to be in Thailand. On second thoughts, we are already more than 500 years older here - better to go to China where they do not intend to adopt this system for another 600 years (its not clear whether that means years under the present system or the new one). I guess that's pretty academic anyway.

I don't think that plan to decimalise the week is going to fly. The French tried that as part of their reforms of 1789 and couldn't make it stick.

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Thai language is one of difficult to use if you don't understand principle of language use such as:

Colors of the seven day

Sunday (วันอาทิตย์) = red (สีแดง)

Monday (วันจันทร์) = yellow (สีเหลือง)

Tuesday (วันอังคาร) = pink (สีชมพู)

Wednesday (วันพุธ) = green (สีเขียว)

Thursday (วันพฤหัสบดี) = orange (สีส้ม)

Friday (วันศุกร์) = blue (สีฟ้า)

Saturday (วันเสาร์) = violet (สีม่วง)

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