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What schools allow you to leave once finished teaching?

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The college I work at allow me to come and go as long as I attend my classes. When I had my interview with the director we came to this deal as he knew he was paying me a lesser salary than most schools around town. The 1st semester was fine and it all worked out. The start of the second semester they did try and tell me that the vice director wanted me to stay on campus all day. I basically asked them if they had increased my salary, to which their reply was no. So I just reminded them about the meeting with the director and what he had promised. It never arose again. I gave them my mobile number plus my e-mail, so if something comes up they can contact me. They have decided to continue my contract so I will see if they try to pull the sit in an office all day shenanigans again. They will get the same question and I am sure I will get the same response. No way am I wasting my time sitting in an office when I can do other things when I am not teaching.

The institution pays you a salary and there are many reasons why your employer might want you to stay on campus.

Your boss, or a student wants to see you, or a meeting in the afternoon, etc....

Should the employer really call all his employees and please them to show up at work?

"Please, Mr. Farang, it would be so nice if you'd come to school and do what we pay you for." Why do such places have an office?

Sitting in the office is wasted time for you. You can do other things when you're not teaching. maybe preparing your next lesson(s)?

You might consider to get off your high horse before it's too late. They're watching you and you're not getting paid by the hour.

I hope you don't have to learn this lesson the hard way by not receiving a new contract. Best of luck.

Lostinissan! I have been reading the drivel that you write on this forum for the last few years and to be honest, I am still surprised you still have a job. You rant and rave about your director and the non-SS payment scheme at your school. I was replying to the OP about my situation. Maybe you are stuck in an office Mon-Fri, from 8am til 4pm. I am not. If this upsets you take a chill-pill otherwise you might get too stressed and fall ill with no SS to help you.

Peace. We do have our SS now and I really enjoy to sit in the office from 8 to 4.30. Can't fool the fingerprint scanner that easily.

And the sound of 39 little kids all day long makes the office hours to an adventure.God bless you!!

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I would suggest you look into getting a Monday - Friday contract at a language school or maybe work at a couple of different ones in order to bolster up your hours as work can be light during the week especially when kids are at school. Universities might also be good for this type of work as well.

But there are certainly very little if any primary or secondary schools in Thailand that allow their teachers this much leeway and quite frankly that's a good thing. There are definitely no international schools that have this policy either.

Best of luck with your job hunt

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I dont think theres a pattern. Depends on the school and/or agency, and the arrangement you make with em. Primaries and secondaries will most likely want you there all day. Many of em are utilizing scanners now. Its unlikely an agency would ever tell you its okay to leave early, but some of em wont mind if you do. Universities are probably least demanding and offer the most freedom.

Best thing you can do is go into an interview and tell em flat out that you have other jobs. Tell em you need the extra money and have to be gone at a certain time or no deal. You might not find schools or agencies willing to sponsor you for a work permit in that situation (although, maybe; I once got a work permit for working a whole two hours per week), but many of em will accept the terms if youre up front about em.

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