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Video of feeding frenzy by ‘greedy’ Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai goes viral


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Video of feeding frenzy by ‘greedy’ Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai goes viral

Thaivisa Reporters


We all love an all you can eat buffet, but this is ridiculous! Image: People’s Daily, China

CHIANG MAI:-- The behaviour of a group of Chinese tourists gorging on an all you can eat buffet in Chiang Mai has been widely criticised on Thai media, reports Thaivisa News.

A video showing the feeding frenzy was posted on the Shanghaiist website and shows Chinese tourists pushing each other out for the way in order to try and scoop up large plate fulls of prawns.

If the behaviour of those in the video wasn’t bad enough, pictures taken later revealed that much of the food actually went to waste.


Image: People’s Daily, China

The video has now been viewed more than 3.5 million times and as well as being reported by Thai media, has also been reported by Chinese state media.

Commenting on the video, one netizen wrote: "What on earth? Have you never eaten shrimp before? Could you lose any more face abroad?"

While another comment read: "I don't know who's more savage... those old people trying to fill their plate with shrimps like there's no tomorrow, or that one lady with THREE plates pilled up, LOL."

Hotel staff were said to be dismayed at the behaviour, while Thai media have lambasted the actions of those in the video, calling them ‘greedy Chinese tourists’.


-- 2016-03-20

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At the airport yesterday, it was like being in China. Of course, the main entrance door has about 100 Chinese people just shouting at each other with their carts and bags, blocking anyone from entering or exiting the airport, or just to walk past them. I had to physically push them so I could get past.

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I dont care who you are, where you come from, your age, gender, race, nationality...whatever

there is simply no excuse for behaviour like this

Exactly ! Have they no regard for their cholesterol levels ?

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