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BANGKOK 16 June 2019 20:34


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Swede, 39, dead killed riding Ducati on road trip South

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You boys have dug up an oldie, and please be clear, this rider was not on a Ninja in BKK, right...............

He was on an open road and lost control of the bike, at a high speed. A bit different than gassing from Suk 23 to 27....

There are roads in and around BKK you can go high speed too. I won't because I am just not a speed demon. But you can speed up almost everywhere. This guy killed himself and did not do any harm to others. It just does not deserve the call to limit big bike riders with special licenses.

We all know how many times a license get checked. (not often) and the fine if you have none (not high).. so such rules would not even help.

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