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Assurancetourix - Daily life in Thailand and what I see

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They overpassed me and I said : " thamrouat ! " but I think many thai people ride something with bad eyes; so I can see them going away after some minutes, don't want to pay a big fine; three people without an helmet on a motorbike, as usual ..



When you see trucks stop on the left side, in the bicycle lane, you are sure there is a good restaurant not far and I look at the trucks, maybe they have a Bibendum ...?? or two...or more ?


Have a look at his exhaust pipes ! and at a new " Mannkenpiss " on it's right door



Coming back, a few photos about " Bibendum" trucks; they will be in the good line ..

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Hi kaorop, let us see your versions then. I find this series as beautiful as my heart and senses can absorb, as I would give almost anything to have the opportunity to experience something like this every day.. my world is very far from this.. wai.gifwai.gifsmile.png

no offense but that doesnt exactly look beautiful, come my way, I'll show you a place or 2


Cant use this thread, I've already been impolite to the OP

and i do enjoy his photos.

Okay 1 for good measure.


Where is that trail located at?

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Agree with kevjohn, great shots and keep them coming. I wish that I could spend the time riding my bicycle as you do but a back problem I have won't allow it.

If I go for any distance in most cases I will suffer for a week or two.

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Thank u Jon; my wife is often afraid I can go alone on these red roads;

there are dogs and also people with yaba she says ..

I meet effectively dogs, some of them are not friendly farang or people on a bicycle and people are first very rare and when I meet some of them always a " wai " and we speak about bicyle and the weather and sometimes about dogs .

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Two, maybe three days without cycling ;

not very important I had many things to do these last days .

This morning went to Sakon Nakhon for my 90 days report;

as usual, 5 minutes for that;

on the way to come back, a stop in the house a friend of mine, a thai man who cycle often with me and has also a little mill for airco : houses and all vehicles;

I asked his wife if it was possible to check our Isuzu; never did in 6 years !

Ok; they did it in about 1h and a half; normal price 2,000 baht and for a good friend it's only 1,200 baht ( and 100 baht tip )







The cashier; she knows everything here and she is beautiful


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Wow !

Yesterday morning a big storm and rain during about one hour, just when the bouddhas walk in the streets of the village for feeding


Some drops on the camera , no problem, it is waterproof 15 meters ..


I wanted to cycle a little bit and was waiting a little bit it wasn't raining

Outside our village, about 500 meters


Much water in the rice fields


In another village on the road to Ban_Tha_Sila


A new water castle


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We will have a new beautiful road - n* 2040 - between Chaiwan and big road 227 ( Kalasin - Phangkhon )


and a new Wat in the forest, not far from that new road


Have a look at the " thai " ( and vietnamese ,... asians ) scaffolding


Always these trucks with Michelin adornment


Don't know what the driver do ( 555 watch ! sorry, I mix english and thai language ) through the windscreen


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At the entrance of Chaiwan, right side of the road ( 2040 ) a beautiful wat door


We are on road 22 going to Sawang Daen Din;
there is a bridge which is not yet finished to build


And another big " etan "


72 kilometers that day ...

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I didn't ask, but I can it was my job during 13 years in France;

driving trucks from 35 tons to 120 tons ;

120 tons only when I was living in Italy ; my french boss : " never come back to France with the 120 tons truck " ;

but I came back sometimes with a 70 tons truck ..

I had 45 tons load in the lorry . cheesy.gif

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Ok, thank you Rob ;

as I did with callyflowers from Brittany in France to Berlin grossmarket a long time ago when East Germany does exist ;

or when I went to south of Italy , I remember I still have a paper wrote by an italian colonel when I went to Caserta with food and clothes for italian people after the earthquake november 23 1980

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