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Assurancetourix - Daily life in Thailand and what I see

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Visiting a museum along Nong Han lake;

it's about Sakon Nakhon province





Here, it's about Free-Thai




If u have never heard something about Free-Thai; there is another very beautiful private and free museum in Phrae



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One month without  an image or a discussion..

Had a flu and after more important had huge floods ;

during two or three days we were out of the world ..

all the roads cut by water ;

So..I went outside with my MTBike the 29 of july, the storm was not finished;

it was raining all the day and some of my photos are strange because of the water on the window protecting the lens..

My camera is not water-resistant; it is waterproof, so no problems with rain or sand, dust ..


Saturday 29 - July 2017


Just outside my village, the Wat wall on the left side of the photo





On another oad, it's the same and about 6 km in the front, a bridge in a village , Ban Pouey , collapses



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