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Topless Farang Fined 100 Baht in Chiang Mai


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I'm surprised that the police haven't taken the opportunity to arrest Farang for not carrying their passports during Songkran. It would be just the sort of illogical nonsense you would expect from the RTP..whistling.gif

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Foreign man arrested for being shirtless on Songkran

By Coconuts Bangkok


Police must have found the bare, wet, male chest very sexy. Photo: Sanook

CHIANG MAI: -- Just so you know, Thai police regard nipples of all genders equally obscene.

A young foreign man was arrested in the middle of a water fight in Chiang Mai province today on a charge of obscenity after police saw him walking around shirtless.

The man, whose identity was not disclosed, was charged with public obscenity “by exposing himself to the public,” according to traffic officer Pol. Col. Piyapan Pattarapongsin.

Full story: http://bangkok.coconuts.co/2016/04/13/foreign-man-arrested-being-shirtless-songkran


-- Coconuts Bangkok 2016-04-14

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Let me see if I've got this right. The guy is charged with being "obscene" by merit of not wearing a shirt. Certainly, for any normal-thinking cops, priority would be given to cladding such an offensive sight as quickly as possible, but instead, they choose to give the press a photo op and actually become responsible for spreading this "obscene and offensive" image nationwide. After many years here, I still can't really get my head around Thai logic.

When you understand Thai logic it is time to leave!!biggrin.png

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Yep. Thailand has taken it's first baby steps into the realm of Political Correctness. Congratulations Thailand! News at 6!

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Was this photo taken before or after the fine was paid ?

If after and the offender allowed leave still ' topless ' the BIB are condoning the offence and the publicity seeker on the right should, at least, be reprimanded.

However he's likely to be rewarded by the PM for upholding traditional Thai values by dealing with serious a serious case.

And consider; The poor guy didnt have stitch of spare clothing so he might have even been fined a few times at 100Baht before he got home.gigglem.gif

Someone please lend him something to cover up; a singlet, a hat, a bra, anything.

But wouldn't a bra even be "obscene" "inappropriate" on him?. (whatever the word they used) 500baht fine sir?

Steer clear of Songkran.

Wasn't there a ban on water guns in previous years?

If per chance he had a receipt for his fine, he could go on his merry way with impunity? At least for the remainder of the day!

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Sorry to bother some of you...smile.png I know I know there is no Thai bashing on ThaiVisa only justify critics of Thai insanities rolleyes.gif

but reading comments like "thailand comes thru again as among the most absurd nations ever. swimmers beware"

Some would like to know Thailand is certainly not the only" absurd nation" For instance many towns in south of France have prohibited being topless in the city, the fine for refusing to put a shirt is 38€ ......Nice, Cannes Perpignan Antibes Menton among others towns

Same same in Italy Venise being the first example...

Corsica you'll be fined for being topless in Ajaccsio

In Spain same same in Barcelona the mayor said "only 200 people have been fined because most tourists put back they shirts when they see the police"

The links being not in English not authorised on TV but Google is there.

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No shirtless Thais in this picture??? Shirtless Thais: Normal. Shirtless farangs: Lewd. Thai bashing? Nope. Simply pointing out the hypocrisy.

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I don't care about his bare chest. I do think, however, he should have been fined for that profoundly stupid hairstyle and looking like a seedy scumbag. How does one get a hairstyle like that? I mean, other than never going near a brush, a comb, or soap and water, how does one go about achieving the look of a dirtbag? More profoundly, why would anyone choose that look? A very happy day in Laos was when the cops went to Vang Vieng and plowed down all the bars along the river. Far too many seedy folks were coming to Laos to party there and the government had enough of their type. I agreed completely. Party's over scum. Go home, cut your hair and clean yourselves up. Please note, I'm a 60's child and grew up with long hair a la Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc. So my issue is not the length of his hair, it's the fact that he looks like a drug addicted homeless Rastafarian.

<<Please note, I'm a 60's child and grew up with long hair a la Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc. So my issue is not the length of his hair, it's the fact that he looks like a drug addicted homeless Rastafarian.>>

Maybe that's the kind of bigotry long haired hippies were receiving in the 60s.http://youtu.be/ZQRmufi5x_4

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Reminds me of a recent visit to Malaysia, where men's bathers had to be the trunk variety, brief bathers not permitted, and the female attire was similar to the 1920s.

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